Download Calendarize it! for WordPress

Download Calendarize it! for WordPress

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Calendarize it! was originally created without support for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer). Please notice that you do not need WPBakery Page Builder to use Calendarize it!, but if you have WPBakery Page Builder you can take advantage of the built-in compatibility with this plugin and build your own templates using the popular drag and drop page builder.

We recommend you to visit our demo site and check out the many features.

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Events Countdown add-on for Calendarize it!Events Year View add-on for Calendarize it!Importer add-on for Calendarize it!Accordion Upcoming Events Widget add-on for Calendarize it!Community Events add-on for Calendarize it!Payment Options add-on for Calendarize it!Events Map View add-on for Calendarize it!Advertising Options add-on for Calendarize it!Event Map Syles add-on for Calendarize it!Event Tickets WooCommerce add-on for Calendarize it!Eventbrite Tickets add-on for Calendarize it!Events Grid View add-on for Calendarize it!External Event Sources add-on for Calendarize it!Social Sharing Panel add-on for Calendarize it!Visual CSS Editor add-on for Calendarize it!Member Profile add-on for Calendarize it!Ratings and Reviews add-on for Calendarize it!RSVP Events add-on for Calendarize it!FLAT UI Calendar Widget add-on for Calendarize it!Advent Calendar add-on for Calendarize it!Social Auto Publish add-on for Calendarize it!Custom Taxonomy Labels add-on for Calendarize it!Event Color by Taxonomy add-on for Calendarize it!Capabilities and Taxonomies add-on for Calendarize it!Taxonomy Images add-on for Calendarize it!Taxonomy Filter add-on for Calendarize it!Taxonomy by User Role add-on for Calendarize it!Featured Image Fallback add-on for Calendarize it!

Taxonomy Counter add-on for Calendarize it!Backend Options add-on for Calendarize it!Custom Buttons add-on for Calendarize it!Events Link to add-on for Calendarize it!No Vertical Scrollbar for Calendarize it!Events in Blogroll add-on for Calendarize it!Links with Event Attributes add-on for Calendarize it!We are continuously working on improving Calendarize it! And we would love to hear from you.

The most flexible and feature-rich calendar solution for WordPress - Works with or without Visual Composer - the #1 Drag and Drop Page Builder plugin

Download Color Schemes or create your own color scheme with our Visual CSS Editor

FLAT UI - Blue ThemeFLAT UI - Amethyst ThemeFLAT UI - Emerald ThemeFLAT UI - Midnight Blue Theme\FLAT UI - Pumpkin ThemeFLAT UI - Carrot Theme\FLAT UI - Turquoise ThemeCalendarize it! Grey Theme

Calendarize it! for WordPress is ready for translation

Dashboard Notifications when Calendarize it! has been installedCalendarize it! Dashboard Notifications

Calendarize it! WordPress Pointer showing location of Calendarize it! Help after installed and turned on.

Dashboard Notifications when Calendarize it! has been installedCalendarize it! - Visual CSS Editor


Translate Calendarize it! using Easy Translation Manager or WPML

Calendarize it! for WordPress comply with the Codex for internationalization. This is a process of making an application ready for translation. In WordPress this means making strings which should be translated in a special way.

If you have our Easy Translation Manager for WordPress you can easily translate Calendarize it! for WordPress.

The following language versions are included with the plugin:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Chinese


Version – April 11, 2018

  • Bug Fixed: When turning on the option to force https on all add-on resources in the Troubleshooting tab, also force apply it to tooltip Ajax URL. Some sites are inconsistent in the protocol value returned by site_url().
  • Bug Fixed: When a Custom Taxonomy contains a hyphen, the Taxonomy Filter (drop-down) for that taxonomy is not rendered
  • Update: Deleted id attribute from nounce class (meta boxes) to avoid duplicates
  • Update: Fixed nounces in the meta box class

Version – March 7, 2018

  • Compatibility Fix: Month View fix for Safari
  • Compatibility Fix: When using Bridge Theme, the title of the Venue page shows the title of the page used as template instead of the Venue term name
  • Update: Depreciated function create_function
  • Update: CSS fix for Event Details Page Top Image width
  • Update: Added new icons used for the Event Tickets WooCommerce Attendees Summary
  • Update: Tooltipster Javascript library updated to version 4.2.6
  • Bug Fixed: iCal file is not correctly handling daylight savings
  • Bug Fixed: Navigation not working properly (Previous Month, Next Month)
  • Bug Fixed: Mobile View not rendering correctly in websites using RTL
  • New Feature: Added feature to “Show Excerpt” in Tooltip section (Options > Calendarize Shortcode tab)

Version – February 8, 2018

  • Bug Fixed: When using Spanish date format j de F de Y, French time format G h i min or German time format G:i Uhr the backslashes are removed from the Start/End/Date/Time element in the layout builder.

Version – January 19, 2018

  • Bug Fixed: Changed the default priority of register_taxonomies. The Taxonomy Filter and Taxonomies in Community Events form was broken on some websites.

Version – January 18, 2018

  • Bug Fixed: Conflict with WooCommerce checkout process when using WooCommerce Stripe plugin
  • Bug Fixed: Replaced commas in the Chinese .po translation, so that day names and month names are properly parsed (generate new .mo file)
  • Update: CSS Styling for Date Picker (compatibility with some themes)

Version – January 8, 2018

  • Bug Fixed: A quick fix for missing function (PHP 7 compatibility)

Version – January 3, 2017

  • Bug Fixed: When there are large sets of recurring events on a website the iCal feed may display empty on some sites.
  • Bug Fixed: When timezone setting is UTC+0, UTC time in iCal file is not correctly defined.

Version – December 12, 2017

  • Bug Fixed: The date attribute with the “today” value didn’t work in all templates for the Accordion Upcoming Events and Upcoming Events Widget shortcodes.

Version – December 8, 2017

  • New Feature: Added “today” value to the date attribute allowing to only show events from the current day. This works for Upcoming Events Widget and Accordion Upcoming Events Widget
  • Bug Fixed: Multiple DOM PHP warnings when using Template integration Version A
  • Update: Hide divs for Event Ticket Box element in WPBakery Page Builder
  • Update: Prioritize Troubleshooting tab to be the last tab in Options panel

Version – November 24, 2017

  • Update: CSS adjustments for French translation
  • Update: Added DTSTAMP to iCal file (this should help with some websites experiencing duplicate events when updating Google Calendar events)
  • New Feature: Added PHP version to the Options > Troubleshooting tab.

Version – November 13, 2017

  • Update: Replaced old recurr library with new version (Requires minimum PHP version 5.6).
  • Update: Rename the current recurr library (will keep it for a few versions before we remove it)
  • Bug Fixed: One some specific websites, recurring dates are not calculated correctly (updated recurr library)
  • Bug Fixed: PHP warning when including a non-existing theme compatibility file

Version – October 23, 2017

  • Bug Fixed: Event List Start date doesn’t change when changing WordPress language
  • Bug Fixed: PHP warning in Accordion Upcoming Events when PHP warnings are enable
  • Update: Changed Calendarize it! Visual Composer colors to match the new update for WPBakery Page Builder (former Visual Composer)
  • Update: CSS fixes for Calendarize it! preloaded animation
  • New Feature: Added tax_and_filtering parameter to WPBakery Page Builder Upcoming Events and Accordion Upcoming element
  • New Feature: Back to referer custom button. Added option for a default value for Back to referer button

Version – September 21, 2017

  • Update: Added a test for allow_url_fopen which is required by External Event Sources add-on to fetch events.
  • Bug Fixed: If the number of users on the website exceed 2,000, author drop down is not fully rendered to avoid the widget admin page from crashing (Was added because a customer with 15,000+ users the widget page in wp-admin crashed due to the drop down rendering all authors).
  • Bug Fixed: When using the Accordion Upcoming Date Tilt template, the image is using the full size image, when it should be a thumbnail size image, defined by the Thumbnail size in WordPress Media Settings.
  • Update: The Show All label in the Calendar filter was not localized
  • Update: Added filter rh_get_users_for_uew_dropdown to allow a third party to specify a list of users to show in the new Widget Author field.
  • Update: Added filter rhc_media_size_options to allow inserting add-on Media Settings
  • New Feature: Added Media Settings for the Accordion Upcoming Widget (Date Tilt template)
  • New Feature: Added attribute tax_and_filtering=“1” to shortcode rhc_static_upcoming_events (Accordion Upcoming Events) so that multiple selected terms will show events with ALL terms rather than any term.
  • New Feature: Added Troubleshooting option to skip loading rhc_gmap3.js Javascript

Version – August 22, 2017

  • Update: CSS adjustments to height of navigation buttons and Taxonomy Filter add-on drop down filters.
  • Update: The date/time picker in wp-admin reads the Calendar First Day from Options > Calendarize Shortcode tab.
  • Update: Minify CSS

Version – August 4, 2017

  • New Feature: Added support for inserting the Ratings & Reviews Box with Visual Composer and manually as shortcode. Please notice that the shortcode must be inserted on an Event Page or Event Template. It will not work properly in any other page (that doesn’t contain an event). [rhc_rar]
  • New Feature: Added new template to Upcoming Events Widget (widget_upcoming_events_agenda_b_end.php). Includes END time.

Version – July 28, 2017

  • Bug Fixed: Minified JS missing rrule
  • Bug Fixed: When tooltip on hover is enabled if an event is set to link to a page, it should not open the page on hover
  • Bug Fixed: When using the Upcoming Events Widget, in the widget interface, using server mode and days past argument, the widget does not properly set the calendar date in the past
  • Bug Fixed: Featured Image outputs PHP warnings in single event page
  • Bug Fixed: Under certain conditions, WordPress do_shortcode_tag function will pass a string instead of an array to rhc shortcodes, which outputs PHP warnings
  • Update: Added local_tz argument to rhc_post_info shortcode, when using it directly to convert start and end date times to browser local timezone. It also converts the Upcoming Event dates
  • Update: Spanish .po and .mo files updated
  • Update: Added support for using Taxonomy Filter with Accordion Upcoming Events Widget
  • Compatibility Fix: The plugin WP JV Post Reading Groups replaces Events with posts in any Calendar view
  • New Feature: Added support for using Taxonomy Filter add-on with Events Year View add-on.
  • New Feature: Added support for choosing image source for Upcoming Events Widget in Options > Media Settings

Version – June 21, 2017

  • Improvements: CSS improvements to Calendarize it! Month View print option

Version – June 2, 2017

  • Bug Fixed: File Caching not working properly. Cached responses were not stored in the right path

Version – May 29, 2017

  • Update: CSS adjustment Taxonomy Filter (drop downs)
  • Update: When selecting a specific Venue in wp-admin only show reference events in the same venue (specific for Timetable add-on for Calendarize it!)
  • Compatibility Fix: WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme CSS adjustment for font color) in FLAT UI Calendar Widget.
  • Bug Fixed: When using show reference events in the wp-admin is active, sometimes it breaks showing any events in the wp-admin.
  • Bug Fixed: When using show reference events in wp-admin, if it is a custom post type, it should show reference events from that specific post type instead.

Version – May 25, 2017

  • Update: Pass the shortcode attributes to rhc_json_feed filter, so that the filter have access to all the shortcode attributes
  • Update: Modified Template Version B under Options > Template Settings, so that add-ons using the Custom Post Types can use the rhc template procedures


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