Download Final Tiles WordPress Gallery

Download Final Tiles WordPress Gallery

WordPress gallery plugin with 2 available layouts: Final Tiles (mixed image sizes) and Masonry (same image size). 6 months included support. Now it supports also WordPress albums!

One of the most popular WordPress photo gallery on CodeCanyon!

final tiles gallery for wordpress
final tiles gallery for wordpress sources

  • Unique and custom grids
  • Video ? embed from YouTube and Vimeo
  • 7 lightboxes included
  • Responsive ? mobile-friendly layout
  • Caption effects ? including animation

Are you looking for a WordPress gallery plugin that lets you build your portfolio or gallery exactly as you imagine it? A breathtaking gallery that isn?t restricted to simple squares, rows or columns?

Final Tiles Grid gallery is a smart WordPress portfolio plugin that thinks outside the box. Powered by a brand new grid algorithm, Final Tiles offers an easy way to create a WordPress portfolio gallery using personalized images and custom aspect ratios. You?ll have a lot of fun creating your own unique galleries that make a huge impact. Try our demo to see for yourself or download our license to get started today.


We are constantly upgrading and updating Final Tiles to ensure the best user experience as well as exciting new features that are sure to wow your viewers. This latest version is our best yet, with updated features and bug fixes. You?ll see in no time at all that Final Tiles really is the best WordPress portfolio gallery plugin. Not to mention the smartest.


  • hot feature Albums
  • hot feature Customizable grids ? no set squares, rows and columns
  • hot feature 2 layouts: Masonry and Final Tiles
  • Customizable aspect ratio
  • Customizable filters
  • Responsive / mobile-friendly
  • True lazy load
  • SEO friendly
  • Video capabilities
  • Customizable captions including animation
  • Seven lightboxes
  • Support
  • Detailed manual so you know exactly what you?re doing
  • User-friendly admin panel


From version 3.2.9 Final Tiles Gallery has a native support to EverlightBox the free lightbox plugin with Facebook comments and social sharing features.


For detailed information on Final Tiles including how it works and how to get the most out of this smart WordPress gallery plugin, check out Kevin Muldoon?s tutorials:

Or, watch our video tutorial below:

final tiles grid gallery tutorial


Kevin Muldoon says: The plugin would be a great solution for photographers, artists, filmmakers, and bloggers. At only $18, it is certainly one of the cheapest premium gallery solutions available to WordPress users? Keep reading. review:
?This gallery is superb as it is out of the box new idea. It does not follow the traditional multi-column layout. You have more freedom in showcasing your photos with the use of complex grids. No cropping needed as your images will automatically fit the slideshow?

final tiles for wordpress review


12 July 2017: Version 3.3.1

  • Bug fix (video not showing)

17 January 2017: Version 3.2.9

  • Added support for EverlightBox
  • Renamed function to avoid conflicts

12 November 2016: Version 3.2.6

  • New feature: choose image size for lightbox
  • Bug fix

22 August 2016: Version 3.2.5

  • SwipeBox now supports filters
  • Download the full size from LightGallery
  • Ajax loading (beta)

07 July 2016: Version 3.2.0

  • Lightbox groups
  • Hidden images
  • Added date filter to media panel
  • Added support to Enhanced Media Panel
  • Lazy loading with multiple image loading
  • Pre-selected filter
  • Enhanced compatibility with other plugins and themes by adding data-class attribute on images

24 May 2016: Version 3.1.30

  • Fixed jQuery issue

13-28 Feb 2016: Version 3.1.24 to 3.1.29

  • Minor bug fixes

11 Feb 2016: Version 3.1.23

  • Fixed bug when using Lazy loading + Filters

10 Jan 2016: Version 3.1.22

  • New feature: Lazy loading

20 Dec 2015: Version 3.1.21

  • New layout: Masonry

20 Nov 2015: Version 3.1.19

  • Added video functionality in lightboxes

28 Oct 2015: Version 3.1.17

  • Fixed minor bug in Custom CSS (removed slashes)
  • Fixed bug in ‘Recent posts’ galleries, now it’s possible to link posts
  • Added new lightbox: LightGallery

5 Oct 2015: Version 3.1.14

  • New Import/Export gallery settings tool
  • Set title font size from admin panel
  • Select images by filter in admin panel
  • Choose different lightbox for mobile devices
  • Update PrettyPhoto lightbox

5 Sep 2015: Version 3.1.13

  • Fixed issue with more than one gallery in the same page using the same lightbox

3 Sep 2015: Version 3.1.12

  • Fixed compatibility issue with FitVid plugin

7 Aug 2015: Version 3.1.9

  • New feature: Load gallery with pre-selected filter
  • New feature: Choose whether to reload the page on filter click (useful for galleries with lightbox+filters)
  • New feature: Choose gallery directly from WordPress text editor
  • New feature: Load scripts from footer for a better page load

5 Jul 2015: Version 3.1.5

  • New feature: Image loaded effects: zoom in, zoom out, vertical slide, horizontal slide, rotation. You can combine them all and make your own style

2 Jul 2015: Version 3.1.4

  • Bug fix

20 Jun 2015: Version 3.1.3

  • New feature: Loading bar color
  • New feature: Loading bar background color

2 Jun 2015: Version 3.1.0

  • Material Design for admin panels
  • Full WooCommerce support: show products with “add to basket” icon, choose categories
  • New Caption Style: add a frame around the text
  • New gallery Wizard
  • Earn Money using this gallery and your Envato account!

7 May 2015: Version 3.0.20

  • Social Gallery compatibility

2 May 2015: Version 3.0.18

  • Recent posts gallery now can be used with lightboxes

29 Apr 2015: Version 3.0.16

  • Recent posts gallery now can be used with filters

5 Apr 2015: Version 3.0.14

  • New customization fields: text before gallery, text after gallery

2 Apr 2015: Version 3.0.13

  • New customization field: delay

19 Mar 2015: Version 3.0.10

  • Added compatibility with Cherry framework

10 Feb 2015: Version 3.0.6

  • Filters in media panel
  • Minor bug fixes

19 Jan 2015: Version 3.0

  • Bug fix

18 Jan 2015: Version 3.0

  • New grid algorithm
  • New feature: Video support
  • New feature: Automatic gallery with recent posts
  • New feature: Custom caption icon
  • Update: Fontawesome 4.1

18 Oct 2014: Version 2.1.10

  • New feature: Lazy loading

13 Jul 2014: Version 2.1.7

  • Fixed some PHP notices

1 Jul 2014: Version 2.1.6

  • Filters now work with Magnific Popup and Lightbox

NEW Release! Version 2.1.5

  • Image size factor for smartphones and tablets

NEW Release! Version 2.1.4

  • New feature: additional CSS class and REL attributes.

NEW Release! Version 2.1.2

A lot of new features!!

  • New hover effects
  • Tuning on hover effects
  • Show empty captions
  • Inverted captions (visible then hidden on mouse over)
  • Icons in captions
  • Redesign Admin UI
  • Enable/Disable effects on mouse over
  • Captions auto height
  • Set the color of social sharing icons
  • Fixed captions
  • Loading progress bar
  • Minor bugs fixes
  • Page with support request instructions
  • Tutorial page

NEW Release! Version 2.0.4

Enjoy the new features:

  • Widget: Now you can insert the galleries inside Text Widgets
  • Image Size Factor: resize all images easily with just one control
  • Default image size: used when adding images to a gallery

NEW Release! Version 2.0.1

Enjoy the new scroll effects!

NEW Release! Version 1.8

Enjoy the new features:

  • Filters: Define your own filters for each gallery
  • Bulk actions: delete or assign filters with multi-selection
  • Blank links: now links can have the _blank target
  • Style borders: refine border colors, size and radius
  • Shadow: refine shadow size and color
  • Disallow image enlargement: now you can disable automatic image enargment when it occures.
NEW Release! Version 1.7 has been published

Enjoy the new features:

  • New lightbox added: Swipebox available
  • Add multiple images: select and add many images from the WordPress media panel
  • Gallery width: set the gallery width
  • Custom CSS: you can easily add custom CSS
  • Custom scripts: you can add scripts to run after gallery initialization
  • Change image size: select the size of the images after you added to the gallery

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