Download Foobar - WordPress Notification Bars

Download Foobar – WordPress Notification Bars

Tested and Works 100% in WP 4.6.1 and up to PHP 5.5
You can see a demo here :

A WordPress plugin for adding great looking notification bars to your site.

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Visit the official site for videos, demos, feature lists and more!

Updated to v2.5 – 29 July 2013

  • Upgraded to use OAuth API for fetching tweets. Added a new tab in settings to capture twitter app details

Updated to v2.4.1 – 28 June 2013

* Fixed bug with default FooBar not saving correctly every time

Updated to v2.4 – 10 May 2013

  • Dynamic JS & CSS only has inline and generate to disk options
  • fixed conflict with WooCommerce orders
  • fixed bottom bar X image bug
  • foobar JS & CSS only added on admin pages that need it
  • install package fixed

Updated to v2.3.7 – 3 Apr 2013

  • Updated license to 100% GPL
  • Fixed a few bugs

Updated to v2.3.5 – 27 Nov 2012

  • Fixed bug with slashes being added for single and double quotes in messages
  • Fixed php warnings

Updated to v2.3.4 – 13 Nov 2012

  • Fixed bug with special chars in messages not encoding correctly

Updated to v2.3.1 – 10 Apr 2012

  • Updated to use jQuery foobar v2.3
  • Now 100% SSL compatible
  • Added Pinterest Social icon
  • Added new setting to disable foobar on mobile devices
  • Changed some CSS classes to avoid theme CSS conflicts
  • Minor improvements to settings page

Updated to v2.2 – 22 Feb 2012

  • Updated to use jQuery foobar v2.1
  • Removed the need for Google API key for twitter and RSS feed

Updates to v2.1 – 22 Jan 2012

  • Fixed issue with generating scripts to static files
  • Fixed issue with placing script in footer

Updated to v2 – Jan 2012

  • foobar works on bottom now!
  • smart widths (can set ”*” widths)
  • left/right nav buttons for multiple messages
  • 2 more button themes
  • fixed jQuery conflict issues
  • more settings and metaboxes (custom CSS, custom JS, Cookies, Widths)
  • CONDITIONAL LOGIC!! Show foobar on certain pages using WP conditional tags
  • major refactoring for performance
  • and many more (

Updated to v1.8 – Oct 8 2011

  • Updated to use jquery foobar v1.8
  • Under Foobar settings, new setting to disable Foobar completely
  • Under Foobar settings, new setting to not automatically include jQuery script!
  • Under Foobar settings, added ‘Admin UI’ tab where you can disable enhanced UI, like color pickers and numeric sliders
  • Added option to disable scrolling text for long messages
  • Added option to ignore the Admin bar and always place the foobar at the very top
  • Added option to show messages randomly
  • Increased foobar z-index to 9999
  • Added more social icons (google+, deviantArt,
  • Cleaned up foobar listing table
  • Fixed issues when disabling borders
  • Fixed issues when unsetting default Foobar
  • Fixed issues where certain values were not being set
  • Fixed issue with extra long messages being but off
  • Fixed issue when setting the close button to ‘hidden’
  • Fixed issue with Twitter feeds in IE. Now uses google’s feed API
  • Fixed issue with color’s not prefixed with #

The Foobar is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add a highly customizable bar to the top of your blog or website. You can display different notifications on different pages and define a default bar that will display on all your pages.

Tweets, RSS feeds, social profiles, custom HTML, you name it – Foobar can handle it!

Increase sales. Get more newsletter signups. Get more Twitter followers or Facebook likes. Whatever you goals are, Foobar can help you reach them.

With over 30 options to customize, there is no limit to how your Foobar can look and function.


  • Unlimited Foobars
  • Different Foobars Per Page
  • Rebrandable
  • Social Profiles
  • Fully Customizable
  • Include any Custom HTML or shortcodes
  • Show Latest Tweets
  • RSS feed integration
  • Inline Admin Demos
  • Built using WordPress best practices


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