Download GoodWork - Modern Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Download GoodWork – Modern Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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GoodWork is the absolutely ultimate theme for your business! It is an elegant & modern solution packed up with an incredibly great amount of high quality features. Shortcodes, sliders, layout builders, theme options, page templates, multilanguage support, responsiveness and retina ready, etc., are all in here! Beautiful outside backed by a great framework and supported by professionals, this is the all in one WordPress solution for your business!!

With support for great plugins such as Ignition Deck & WooCommerce it really stronger, allowing you to build an awesome portfolio, presentation site and crowdfunding website or online shop altogether!

This theme is currently at version 3.7.0 (changelog’s at the bottom of the page)

With over 1000 hours of hard work & brainstorming invested in the theme, GoodWork is one of the most powerful and complete WordPress theme on ThemeForest!

Support Policy

Due to the large amount of support questions and for keeping everything organized, all tickets will be directed through my private support forum:

We do not offer refunds for our themes, except when you find a real bug which we are unwilling to fix. Our themes function exactly as we advertise them, so no refunds are given for reasons such as mistake purchasing or customization problems.

WordPress customizations from $29/h

Check out the documentation before you buy!

  • lonshapiro

    Greatest. Theme. Ever.

    Not only did you create a fantastic design with some really simple customization options (Customize and Theme Options), but you packed it with the best slider I’ve ever used and Visual Composer, which allows people to design pages with no coding knowledge.

    But here’s the most amazing thing of all. In spite of all the special features, the speed and performance of this theme blows away every theme I’ve tested that had the kind of features I wanted. (GTmetrix performance of 96/91)

  • Arthur Hiemstra

    Am loving the documentation, FAQ, helptickets etc. am not a whiz but with all this documentation am certainly able to make it work just as I want it to. Awesome stuff!

  • Ben Klein

    Thanks for your awesome customizing work! based on your goodwork theme we can create the best site in our market. All the best for your sales, your are a real coding ninja !!

  • Benedikt Schmitz

    Great work! Never worked with wordpress this good as with your theme. It’s really powerful and well documented.

  • Andy Stephens

    Goodwork is an amazing theme and by far the best we’ve ever used/downloaded. The only theme I’ve ever been able to use to actually create a site the exact way I want it. Great look and feel to everything and highly recommended to all, particularly for the low cost and fantastic support available.

  • Tyson Culver

    This has been an absolute treat of a theme to work with. The documentation and ease of use with the theme you’ve built absolutely rocks.

  • Del Gibbons

    Brilliant. Best web theme I’ve ever used! Found the visual composer, and that bit blew me away! Insanely good!

  • Sterling William

    Wow!! This theme looks insane!

  • Nicolò Gnocato

    Thank you so much! You’ve been so helpful! You’re so professional

Modern Design

This theme has an elegant & minimalistic design, with a lot of unique touches. It is based on a four columns grid providing both classic & modern types of layout and page templates.

100% Responsive

It is totally responsive, meaning that it will look good on all kinds of mobile devices. The sliders have touch events enabled & the entire content is scaling properly down to the smallest size.

Retina Ready

All the images in this theme will look sharp on devices with a high DPI. If you provide large sizes, when a user opens the site in a retina device a cookie will be stored on his device and after the first refresh all images will look really good!

Highly Customizable

The entire look of the theme can be easily changed through a lot of cool options provided with the Theme Customizer which allows you to edit the theme and preview your changes in real time. You can change colors, fonts & a lot of options in the layout.

Awesome Page Builder

GoodWork includes a slightly modified version of the awesome Visual Composer for WordPress plugin, which allows you to build up your own pages with an incredible ease! There are lots of shortcodes available, and all of these provide many options for custom layouts of functionality. By combining everything available the possibilities are endless! You can build anything with this theme, whether you’re a seasoned web developer, a talented designer or even if you’re just starting out with WordPress.

Unique Sliders

The sliders of this theme are based on the great Revolution Slider plugin, which is an outstanding slider creator by it’s own. But in this theme we’ve extended the slider, in order to make it better and more complex! There are three custom skins for the slider(one with short captions, one with large captions and one with tabs), there is the blank skin and there is a full width slider available.

Advanced Portfolios

With GoodWork you can create unlimited portfolios with completely different settings. You can have four, three or two columns, there are two thumbnail styles, you can choose whether you want it to load via AJAX or in a traditional way, you can use images, slideshows & all kinds of videos easily, and each project can b created with custom shortcodes via the page builder. All thumbnails are automatically generated and cropped and you can even have sidebars!

Advanced Blog

The blog is also unique in this theme, giving you the option to have a classical blog in a tumblr style, or go for a more modern look with posts that are loading via AJAX. All posts allow you to use images, galleries, videos or audio files in them. And the available shortcodes for displaying your blog feed are many. There are also cool page templates for all kinds of post archives available.

Custom Page Templates

As seen in the demo, there are a lot of different page variations already made up using custom shortcodes. All of these can be taken from the xml import file or from the page layouts page. You have:

  • Three Contact pages
  • One About Us template
  • Two Services pages
  • Two Skills or Stats pages
  • A FAQ
  • A Team page
  • A Hiring page
  • A Pricing Table example
  • Sitemap
  • Two pages for Crowd Funding projects
  • A page for Testimonials
  • Some Galleries examples
  • Six Home Options
  • A couple of Portfolios
  • Two Blogs
  • and more..

All of these were created with the page builder and show only a glimpse of the great possibilities which can be achieved using this incredible theme!

Crowdfunding Support

This theme provides support for the Ignition Deck Crowd Funding Plugin for WordPress. This is a great plugin which has a lot to offer! Designed to help you start and fund projects on your own website, it allows you to have your very own crowdfunding campaign up and running in minutes. GoodWork offers two awesome page templates for funding projects, with all the necessary elements to help you showcase your project in style! There is also a custom widget available and everything is properly set up for you to fund your dreams using this theme!

The plugin is not included in the theme and needs to be purchased separately from

Unlimited Sidebars

You can create as many sidebars as you wish, to use in each one of your pages. The sidebars can be either left sided or right sided and inside them you can use all the default WordPress widgets, or most of the awesome shortcodes available in the page builder.

Three level menus

The menus can go up to three level of links, being optimized for touch devices and providing a responsive menu for small devices and screens. The responsive menu goes only two levels. The menu comes in two color styles (light or dark).

Backgrounds & Patterns

As it can be seen, the theme offers a full width version and a boxed layout version. The boxed layout can have an image or a pattern as background and all the patterns & images seen in the preview are included in the download. More than this, you can even upload your own background image or pattern.

Typography Options

Even if the online demo is presented in an elegant Arial, the theme offers over 500 custom fonts via Google Fonts. There are types for headings, for italics and for the main body font.

SEO Ready

The theme is built with SEO in mind, having a good structure, heading elements for titles, alt tags for images and even smart meta descriptions, taken directly from the excerpts of the pages.

Translation Ready (Multilingual)

.po and .mo files are available, making the theme easy to translate into your own language. This theme is also compatible with multilanguage plugins such as WPML (there is an xml configuration file for this plugin in the theme) or qTranslate


The theme is built using the latest web development technologies, including HTML5 media content, CSS3 transitions, canvas elements and semantic & well organized code.

28 Layered PSD Files

A lot of PSD files are available in the download. With them, you can easily change layouts and stuff for presenting the perfect website for your clients!

Great Documentations & Support

There is a comprehensive manual available and some quality screencasts which can help you get started with the theme and there is always the support forum backed by professionals caring for your business!

XML Import File Available

The XML import file is available and can be used to download the demo content from the online preview(without the copyrighted images). The sliders still need to be setup, but this is a separate topic and files import files for the sliders are also available.

This theme is constantly updated with new features & functionality patches making it a secure and incredibly useful investment for you or your clients.


  • Version 3.7.0: 5 December 2018

    ~ Added support for WordPress 5.0

    ~ Added support for WooCommerce 3.5.1

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

  • Version 3.6.8: 15 December 2017

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

    ~ Added support for WooCommerce 3.2.0

  • Version 3.6.7: 6 September 2017

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

  • Version 3.6.6: 2 August 2017

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

    ~ Improved WooCommerce support

  • Version 3.6.5: 6 April 2017

    ~ Added support for WooCommerce 3.0.0

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

  • Version 3.6.3: 27 February 2017

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

  • Version 3.6.2: 24 October 2016

    ~ Improved support for latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

    • Version 3.6.1: 14 July 2016

      ~ Added support for the new Google Maps API

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider to 5.2.6

    • Version 3.6.0: 16 June 2016

      ~ Added support for WooCommerce 2.6

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

    • Version 3.5.9: 25 April 2016

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

      Att: The Visual Composer plugin needs to be updated manually!
      Read here how

    • Version 3.5.8: 13 April 2016

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

      ~ Improved compatibility for WooCommerce 2.5.3

    • Version 3.5.7: 30 January 2016

      ~ Added compatibility for WooCommerce 2.5.0

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

    • Version 3.5.6: 12 December 2015

      ~ Fixed an issue related to pagination in WP4.4

    • Version 3.5.5 : 11 December 2015

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

    • Version 3.5.4 : 3 November 2015

      ~ Fixed an issue with the single image shortcode

    • Version 3.5.3 : 9 October 2015

      ~ Fixed an issue related to WooCommerce 2.4.7

    • Version 3.5.2 : 7 October 2015

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

      ~ Added compatibility for WooCommerce 2.4.7

    • Version 3.5.1 : 21 August 2015

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider to v5.0.4.1, which includes support for WordPress 4.3

    • Version 3.5 : 18 August 2015

      ~ Added support for WooCommerce 2.4

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider to the all new version 5

    • Version 3.4.1 : 5 August 2015

      ~ Fixed the blog posts grid issue caused by the latest theme update

    • Version 3.4 : 7 July 2015

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to their latest versions

      ~ Added a fail safe against Envato API issues (fixed admin login problems)

      ~ Fixed some issues with the WooCommerce checkout page

      ~ Other minor improvements

    • Version 3.3.3 : 25 April 2015

      ~ Improved theme security (XSS vulnerability)

      ~ Fixed broken cart page in WooCommerce 2.3.8

    • Version 3.3.2 : 27 February 2015

      ~ Improved WooCommerce 2.3 support

    • Version 3.3.1: 24 February 2015

      ~ Improved support for WooCommerce 2.3

    • Version 3.3: 12 February 2015

      ~ Added support for WooCommerce 2.3

    • Version 3.2.8: 22 December 2014

      ~ Fixed a critical error from last update

    • Version 3.2.7 : 20 December 2014

      ~ Added WP 4.1 compatibility

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider to it’s latest version

    • Version 3.2.6 : 18 November 2014

      ~ Fixed an issue with custom ID grids

      ~ Added new Revolution Slider import archives (which work better)

    • Version 3.2.5 : 7 November 2014

      ~ Fixed another ID v1.0.5 compatibility issue

    • Version 3.2.4 : 31 October 2014

      ~ Added support for ID v1.5.0

    • Version 3.2.3 : 17 October 2014

      ~ Added the Single Image shortcode back into the theme

      ~ Improved retina support

      ~ Fixed some javascript errors

      ~ Fixed an issue related to responsiveness of pie charts

      ~ Fixed an issue with the IgnitionDeck plugin

    • Version 3.2.2 : 17 September 2014
      ~ Added support for WooCommerce 2.2.x

      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider to it’s latest version

      ~ Fixed other minor issues

    • Version 3.2.1 : 16 August 2014
      ~ Fixed a global js error & some other minor style issues

    • Version 3.2 : 31 July 2014
      ~ Improved Ignition Deck support

    • Version 3.1.3 : 29 July 2014
      ~ Fixed Visual Composer row design options
      ~ Fixed a compatibility issue between Visual Composer and WPML
      ~ Fixed portfolio slider order issues
      ~ Fixed other minor bugs
      ~ Updated Google Fonts list

    • Version 3.1.2 : 10 July 2014
      ~ Fixed an issue with the MailPoet plugin
      ~ Fixed an issue with self hosted videos
      ~ Fixed other minor issues with various shortcodes such as “Icon Text Block” or “Accordion”

    • Version 3.1.1 : 8 July 2014
      ~ Fixed breadcrumb display issues
      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider to it’s latest version

    • Version 3.1 : 5 July 2014
      ~ Improved support for IgnitionDeck regular & enterprise editions
      ~ Fixed more minor bugs

    • Version 3.0.2 : 2 July 2014
      ~ Fixed some minor bugs related to style, colors & shortcodes

    • Version 3.0.1 : 30 June 2014
      ~ Fixed search page issues
      ~ Added the latest version of the Visual Composer into the package (separate)
      ~ Fixed other small bugs

    • Version 3.0 : 28 June 2014
      ~ Added WordPress 3.9 compatibility
      ~ Improved support for the Ignition Deck Plugin
      ~ Refreshed language files
      ~ Improved the code & fixed a lot of small bugs
      ~ Updated the Visual Composer & Revolution Slider plugins to their latest versions
      ~ Added a child theme to the package

    • Version 2.3.6 : 3 March 2014
      ~ Fixed an issue with checkout on WooCommerce 2.1.3

      ~ Removed meta description built in SEO tools

      ~ Fixed other small css issues

    • Version 2.3.5 : 19 February 2014
      ~ Added support for WooCommerce 2.1.x

      ~ Fixed two gallery issues (a. the gallery now works with images from the entire library, not just the ones added to the page where you have the gallery & b. added css style for images with captions)

      ~ Excluded the 404 page (the user defined one) from the Sitemap

      ~ Fixed twitter widget .. again

      ~ Updated the Visual Composer plugin to version 4.0.6 (for the two issues above)

    • Version 2.3.4 : 7 January 2014
      ~ Fixed twitter widget (updated the Visual Composer plugin to version 4.0.5)
      ~ Fixed other minor css bugs
    • Version 2.3.3 : 12 November 2013
      ~ Added basic support for the Ignition Deck “grid shortcode”
      ~ Fixed “page reloading issue” by improving the styled select js plugin
    • Version 2.3.1 : 12 October 2013
      ~ Fixed gallery shortcode error not allowing multiple galleries on the same page
      ~ Removed duplicate “Customize” menu item from the Appearance tab
      ~ Fixed other small css bugs
    • Version 2.3 : 28 September 2013
      ~ Improved compatibility with the latest version of Ignition Deck and ID payment plugins
      ~ Improved compatibility with popular SEO plugins
      ~ Added better child theme compatibility
      ~ Fixed some issues in IE10 (portfolio filter & social icons)
      ~ Removed some php warnings
    • Version 2.2.2 : 17 August 2013
      ~ Fixed the search form error
      ~ Fixed some color issues
      ~ Fixed portfolio navigation issues caused by the WordPress 3.6 update
      ~ Updated Revolution Slider to version 4.0.2, thus fixing the error made in 4.0.1
    • Version 2.2.1 : 15 August 2013
      ~ Fixed all issues raised by version 2.2
    • Version 2.2 : 15 August 2013
      ~ 100% WordPress 3.6 compatibility with inclusion of the custom skin for the new video & audio objects
      ~ Changed the plugin updating logic: you are now able to update the bundled plugins via the WordPress dashboard
      ~ Added captions option to the WordPress gallery shortcode
      ~ Fixed some minor bugs
    • Version 2.1.2 : 22 July 2013
      ~ Fixed the blog post links issue (the links from the “link” post format were all opening in a _blank window)
      ~ Fixed the 100% streched images issue (left or right aligned images are now their normal size, while there is another class for responsive – 100% images)
    • Version 2.1.1 : 18 July 2013
      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider plugin (which in the last version was wrongly uploaded)
      ~ Fixed the portfolio navigation issues (in the case where there were multiple portfolios set, each with it’s own categories)
    • Version 2.1 : 17 July 2013
      ~ Tweaked theme to support better translations and WPML (added a wpml-config.xml file, completed the theme’s .po file with new strings & also created text fields for shortcodes outputted text – as in the latest blog/portfolio shortcode and also the twitter shortcode)

      ~ Removed hover for section titles and lists

      ~ The social icons shortcode now allows to set the target of the links

      ~ The twitter shortcode has the option to disable tweets rotation and display a single static tweet instead

      ~ Fixed comments issues in portfolio posts

      ~ Fixed comments issues in modern blog

      ~ Fixed some IE8 errors

      ~ Fixed some minor WooCommerce issues

      ~ Fixed other style bugs

    • Version 2.0 : 27 June 2013
      ~ Added WooCommerce support
      ~ Updated the Revolution Slider & Visual Composer plugins (minor updates)
      ~ Fixed other minor issues regarding js or css bugs
    • Version 1.2.1 : 4 May 2013
      ~ Fixed lightbox issues in boxed version
      ~ Fixed jQuery objects not working inside AJAX content, such as blog or portfolio
      ~ Fixed breadcrumb in portfolio projects
      ~ Fixed other bugs
    • Version 1.1 : 21 May 2013
      ~ Added custom categories support for the “latest posts” shortcode
      Menus now support custom css classes
      Updated the xml import file to contain the first homepage
      ~ Fixed some responsiveness issues (pricing tables & promo lines)
      ~ Fixed minimal contact form bug
      ~ Fixed other minor CSS bugs
    • Version 1.0.5 : 8 May 2013
      ~ Added breadcrumb navigation
      ~ Added IE7 error message
      ~ Fixed contact form bug
      ~ Fixed other minor issues
    • Version 1.0.3 : 6 May 2013
      ~ Fixed Visual Composer bug
      ~ Added missing update class files
    • Version 1.0 : 2 May 2013
      ~ Initial release

    Disclaimer: All images, videos & audio files which you see in the online preview are copyrighted materials belonging to their authors (listed below). None of the assets you see online will be provided in the downloadable package!


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