Download Marketify - Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

Download Marketify – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme


What’s a Marketplace

You’ve heard of eBay, Amazon, and of course ThemeForest – right? Other than each of them being a huge success, you know what they have in common? They’re all Marketplaces.

A Marketplace is a special kind of online store. It’s a site where you bring buyers and sellers together (but you don’t create your own products). Actually, you’re on one right now – as Envato created this marketplace and you’re now looking at a product sold by a different seller.

Isn’t building a Marketplace tough?

Until now, the challenge has been two-fold: getting your buyers & sellers, and building out your site. But now you don’t need to worry about the second challenge because we have you covered.

Now, you can focus on gathering a community of buyers and sellers. No need to stress about the rest.

What can I do with Marketify?

In combination with Easy Digital Downloads (a free plugin), the Marketplace extension bundle (Plugin bundle sold separately), and our theme is all you need to create a variety of digital marketplaces.

  • You can create a marketplace that just sells photographs.
  • You can create a marketplace that just sells fonts.
  • You can create a marketplace that just sells audio files.
  • You can create a marketplace that just sells videos.

Do you catch the theme? You can build any digital marketplace you want. Easily allow authors to create accounts and list their products. Buyers can then purchase products and immediately have access to downloads.

Easy Digital Downloads + Marketify = Your Marketplace

Let’s just do a quick run through of everything you get when you bring this plugin bundle and theme together.

  • Social logins mean your guests don’t have the “login/register” friction before making a purchase decision. (Plugin sold separately)
  • Rating and reviewing is available, but only for customers – protecting your site from spam. (Plugin sold separately)
  • Beautiful audio and video previews right within the theme.
  • A responsive layout that makes your site look great on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Customers can easily create a wish-list – increasing the potential for more sales.
  • Sign up sellers easily with frontend submissions* (Plugin sold separately)
  • Split commissions with sellers* (Plugin sold separately)

† Note: * Some of these features require additional add-ons from Easy Digital Downloads.


Theme Page Examples

Answers to Common Questions

Can I test drive the backend of the author area?
Yes, the username is demovendor and the password is also demovendor, check out the author dashboard here.

Do I need anything other than this theme?
Yes, you must also download Easy Digital Downloads (free).
You may also want to purchase a couple of their add-ons (prices vary) to add more features to your marketplace.

Do I have to create a marketplace?
No, Marketify works beautifully as a standard digital store. If you do have your own products and would like to sell them, Marketify is the perfect solution for that as well.

Do I have to buy the Marketplace bundle?
No, if you do not need certain functionality you are more than welcome to purchase as many or as few of the extensions you need. We urge you to check out Easy Digital Download’s extension list for all of your options.

We have also compiled a list of all extensions and plugins used to create our demos. View list

Will my site work on mobile phones automatically?
Yes, the responsive design of the theme ensures that your site will not only look good but fully work on phones and tablets.

Am I limited to a certain number of products or sellers?
Absolutely not. You can sell as many products as you like.

So does this mean I could create my own ThemeForest site?
Yes, that’s exactly what it means. Until now that meant investments of tens of thousands of dollars to build a marketplace. Now you can do it for much less, and much faster.

Can my marketplace combine different products all in one?
Yes, there’s no restriction to the types of products you can sell. So you can create a marketplace that’s just video files, or one that sells all kinds of files.

Theme Documentation & Change Log

This theme comes with extensive documentation which makes setup a breeze. The latest updates and bug fixes for this theme can be seen below and inside the theme files in a file called “readme.txt”

Changelog & Update History

= 2.16.0: July 26, 2018 =

  • New: Update to Bootstrap v4. Needs heavy testing for columns, layout, etc.
  • Fix: Safari grid overflow.
  • Fix: Respect downloads per page setting in customizer.
  • Fix: Minimal page template background height on mobile.

= 2.14.1: April 9, 2018 =

  • New: Full support for Easy Digital Downloads – Reviews.
  • Fix: Featured/Popular mobile slider height.
  • Fix: Do not use custom per page arguments on auto output [downloads] shortcode.

= 2.14.1: December 28, 2017 =

  • Fix: Better EDD 2.8.16 compatibility for all download types and options.

= 2.14.0: December 22, 2017 =

  • New: Allow File Upload field in FES to be used to set a video.
  • Fix: EDD 2.8.16 compatibility.
  • Fix: Updated automatic theme updater.

= 2.13.0: September 23, 2017 =

  • New: Use CSS flexbox for simpler more response columns (fixes support for download grid and FacetWP).
  • New: Use theme version for asset versioning to help clear caches.
  • Fix: Integration file loading on Windows-powered machines.

= 2.12.0: September 15, 2017 =

  • New: Update coding standards.
  • New: Convert footer to use all widgets.
  • Fix: Check correct customizer setting for outputting download sidebar details.
  • Fix: Title truncation checks.
  • Fix: Easy Digital Downloads 2.8.6 compatibility.

= 2.11.1: July 11, 2017 =

  • Fix: Avoid PHP error in theme customizer.
  • Fix: Borders around download details widget.
  • Fix: Ensure download type settings are backwards compatible.
  • Fix: Ensure customizer navigation text color is respected.

= 2.11.0: June 23, 2017 =

  • New: Enhanced customization of colors and typography in “Appearance ▸ Customize”
  • Fix: EDD Bookings compatibility.
  • Fix: EDD Custom Prices compatibility.

= 2.10.0: February 2, 2017 =

  • New: Allow vendor widgets to be placed on download sidebar (contact, description, about).
  • Fix: Easy Digital Downloads – External Products style fixes.
  • Fix: Do not output empty video error when no video exists.
  • Fix: Add filter to “Purchase” button so other plugins can update when needed.
  • Fix: Ensure close button is visible on popups taller than the window.

= 2.9.0: October 13, 2016 =

= 2.8.1: July 27, 2016 =

  • Fix: Safer upgrade routines and checks.

= 2.8.0: July 27, 2016 =

  • New: EDD Reviews 2.0 support.
  • New: Audio download preview play button to the left of the download title.
  • New: Discounts Pro support.
  • Fix: Improve content importer.
  • Fix: Ensure mobile menu and menu dropdowns appear above page titles.

= 2.7.1: June 4, 2016 =

  • Fix: Update Content Importer drop-in to avoid PHP notices.
  • Fix: Remove Setup Guide images from package.

= 2.7.0: June 2, 2016 =

  • New: Automatic theme updates via ThemeForest.
  • New: Automatic child theme creation while maintaining customizer settings.
  • New: Content importer in Setup Guide.
  • Fix: Touch events for download grids on mobile devices.
  • Fix: Avoid large download sizes before columns are formed.
  • Fix: Mobile checkout/cart experience improvements.

= 2.6.0: March 28, 2016 =

  • New: Add oEmbed support for Audio downloads. Create a URL field with the `audio` meta key and add a URL.
  • New: EDD Product Badges styling support.
  • Fix: Wish List Purchase/Checkout button spacing.
  • Fix: Be sure WordPress core playlists continue to function after sorting with FacetWP.
  • Fix: Password repeat field in Frontend Submissions profile form.

= 2.5.0: February 16, 2016 =

  • New: Author archive width when no sidebar is used matches blog.
  • Fix: When using variable prices ensure the Buy Now modal displays correctly.
  • Fix: Include Featured Callout demo images in the theme images directory.

= 2.4.0: Febuary 10, 2016 =

  • New: Widgetized Pages. See:
  • New: Show blog author on “Recent Blog Posts” widget in “Grid” format.
  • Fix: Single blog post byline above mobile menu.v
  • Fix: Featured Image Background full height on minimal page template.
  • Fix: Better support for EDD Wishlists and EDD Favorites.
  • Fix: Popular Downloads slider on archive/search pages.
  • Fix: Hide comment count when comments are closed.

= 2.3.1: January 13, 2015 =

  • Fix: Error on minimal page template when no featured image is enabled.
  • Fix: Correct URL on loading assets in integrations.
  • Fix: Invalid HTML in archive-download.php template file.
  • Fix: Remove invalid sanitize_callback on customizer checkboxes.
  • Fix: Placeholder color in Chrome and Safari.
  • Fix: Featured & Popular slider positioning when using RTL.
  • Fix: Gravity Forms styles.

= 2.3.0: January 8, 2016 =

Happy New Year! We’ve got another great theme release for you bringing you some lovely new features and bug fixes. We’ll keep hunting for those little bugs! This release is compatible with Easy Digital Downloads 2.5.+

  • New: Featured Image backgrounds on Minimal page template.
  • New: Blog layout and style updates.
  • Fix: Download widths in Easy Digital Downloads 2.5+
  • Fix: Hide (x) close in page header.
  • Fix: Check for menu tasks being registered when setting FES icons.
  • Fix: Use a full width row when purchase count is hidden in the product details.
  • Fix: Hide hover when team images have no social accounts.
  • Fix: Gallery image navigation styles.

= 2.2.1: December 10, 2015 =

  • Fix: Build script created invalid style.css file.

= 2.2.0: December 9, 2015 =

  • New: Filters for custom menu icons: `marketify_nav_menu_cart_icon_left` and `marketify_nav_menu_search_icon_left`
  • New: Use a popup gallery for navigating images on a standard download.
  • Fix: Respect widget settings for hiding purchase count.
  • Fix: Recaptcha size on vendor contact form (FES).
  • Fix: Single download details button spacing.
  • Fix: Use “Site Logo” string instead of “Header Image”.
  • Fix: Search form overlay on single download pages.
  • Fix: Scroll only one slide on individual testimonials when only one is showing.

= 2.1.0: November 27, 2015 =

  • New: Helpful notices when a widget is placed in the wrong widget area.
  • New: Update for future Frontend Submissions submission form compatibility.
  • New: Hide “Popular in X” automatically when sorting results.
  • Fix: Correct “Author Since” date on Vendor Profile pages.
  • Fix: Blog avatar showing the correct user.
  • Fix: Love It heart icon.

= 2.0.0: November 20, 2015 =

Version 2.0.0 of Marketify is a total rewrite of the theme. Please do not update directly on your production server.
You should always test the update on a staging server first.

Please thoroughly review:

This update brings both functionality and visual changes. Marketify has been refocused on being a digital marketplace
with extraneous functionalities being deprecated or removed.

  • New: Setup Guide to help you get going within minutes.
  • New: Style updates including an updated primary menu with a more flexible responsive menu.
    Updated icon pack to Ionicons which includes hundreds of new icons.
    More consistent and flexible styling throughout the theme.
  • New: Individually control the featured areas of standard, audio, and video downloads.
  • New: Full support for FacetWP.
  • New: Share your downloads, posts, and pages with Jetpack:
  • New: Choose with image upload to use as the grid image automatically in your submission form.
  • New: Three separate footer column widget areas.
  • New: Widgetized vendor sidebar for Frontend Submissions.
  • New: Full Frontend Submissions 2.3+ support.
  • New: Ability to adjust /download/ slug permalinks based on customized labels.
  • New: Use WordPress’ core audio player to improve speed and reduce assets.
  • New: Rewrite of all responsive modules.
  • Fix: Hundreds of stability improvements and code hardening. Reviewed by Justin Tadlock of
  • Deprecated: Frontend Submissions Product Details. Replaced with
  • Deprecated: Soliloquy Slider support. Replaced with
  • Deprecated: Custom bbPress styles.
  • Deprecated: Custom user contact methods.
  • Removed: Projects by WooThemes Support

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