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– PHP version 5.4 or higher


Super Forms is the one and only plugin that you will ever need for your contact forms. This WordPress Plugin is very user friendly when it comes to building forms. With unlimited options you will be able to create any kind of forms. With conditional logic, Multipart elements and tons of customizable options and settings to adjust any color of any element to fit your needs. No matter what theme you have installed Super Forms will fit with it’s color scheme functionality.

See below changelog to find out what work has been put into this plugin since it’s initial release :)


### Jul 19, 2018 - Version 4.2.9
- Added: new filter hook - `super_redirect_url_filter`  (filter hook to change the redirect URL after form submission)
- Added: Option to disable scrolling for multi-part next prev buttons
- Fix: use wp_slash() to make sure any backslashes used in custom regex is escaped properly
- Fix: Error message on file upload element not disappearing after trying to upload to large file size or not allowed file extension
- Added: Option to prevent scrolling effect for multi-part when an error was found
- Added: Variable fields in combination with {tags} will now also be able to have dynamic values within dynamic columns (add more +)
- Fix: Issue with dynamic columns in combination with calculator element (not updating calculation correctly after adding column)
- Added: New filter hook `super_' . $tag . '_' . $atts['name'] . '_items_filter` (to filter items of dropdowns/checkboxes/radio)

### Jun 18, 2018 - Version 4.2.0
- Fix: Google ReCAPTCHA not always being rendered on page load
- Added: Option to prevent scrolling effect for multi-part when an error was found
- Added: Option to set a threshold for `keyup` event on currency field to only execute hook when user stopped typing (usefull for large forms with above average calculations etc.)
- Fix: Quantity field not populating with last entry data
- Fix: Currency field blur/focus bug
- Fix: Website URL validation only allowed lowercase letters
- Fix: Google ReCAPTCHA no longer allows to use callback function that contains a . (dot) in the function name. Replaced `SUPER.reCaptcha` with `SUPERreCaptcha`
- Fix: Multi-part not autmoatically switching to next step (if enabled) when hidden field is located inside the mulit-part
- Fix: Bug with {tags} in combination with calculator add-on, would retrieve the HTML value version for calculations
- Added: Option to automatically replace line breaks for `<br />` tags on HTML element content
- Added: Option to add custom javascript under `Super Forms > Settings > Custom JS`
- Added: Option to create variable conditional logic with a CSV file, see `[Variable Fields]` documentation for more information
- Added: new filter hook - `super_conditional_items_*****_filter`  (filter hook to change conditional items on the fly for specific element)
- Added: new filter hook - `super_variable_conditions_*****_filter`  (filter hook to change variable conditions on the fly for specific field)
- Improved: Bind `keyup` for Quantity field to trigger field change hook
- Fix: Make forms and entries none plublic so that search engines won't be able to index them
- Fix: Javascript Syntax Error in Safari

### Apr 13, 2018 - Version 4.1.0
- Added: Option to do if statements in success message
- Added: `{author_meta_****}` tag to retrieve current post author or profile user custom meta data
- Improved: hide text "Allow saving form with duplicate field names (for developers only)" in back-end when action bar is sticky
- Improved: Conditional Validation option can now also work in combination with float numbers
- Improved: File upload button name line height and checkbox/radio :after top position RTL forms
- Improved: Currency field now compatible with conditional validations
- Fix: bug with variable field in combination with conditionally hidden
- Fix: Conflict with jquery scope for hint.js causing a javascript error
- Fix: Columns responsiveness was broken because of some future development code
- Fix: Bug with front-end forms not loading correct settings/styles from global settings (not merging correctly)
- Fix: Bug fix with automatic line breaks for HTML element

### Mar 16, 2018 - Version 4.0.0
- Added: Introduction tutorial (to explain back-end)
- Added: de_DE_formal translation file
- Added: {user_meta_****} tag to retrieve current logged in user custom meta data
- Added: {post_meta_****} tag to retrieve current post custom meta data
- Added: Option to retrieve current author meta data for dropdown element with
- Added: `{author_id}` and `{author_name}` tags which do the same thing as the `{post_author_id}` and `{post_author_name}` tags
- Added: minimize/maximize toggle button on builder page
- Added: option to even save form when it contains duplicate field names (for developers)
- Added: (GDPR compliance) Option to only save contact entry when a specific condition is met (Form Settings > Form Settings)
- Improved: author tags will now also retrieve the author ID and author name when located on profile page of an author
- Improved: Export/import system for single forms via Form Settings > Export & Import
- Improved: Global settings and form settings are now merged for better sync and more controllable way when having to deal with many forms
- Improved: Use `CSS Flexbox Layout Module` to solve Safari 0px height issue/bug for conditional hidden items
- Updated: de_DE translation file
- Fix: removed 'wpembed' from tinymce plugin list (was dropped since wordpress 4.8)
- Fix: Issue with Register & Login Add-on when saving custom user meta data
- Fix: Issue with Print action for Button element when no HTML file was choosen

### Feb 28, 2018 - Version 3.9.0
- Improved: Don't save settings that are the same as global settings
- Fix: Form settings that did not have a filter value where not correctly updates when changing and saving form.
- Fix: &quot was being replaced with " when updating/saving elements
- Fix: {tag;label} not removed from HTML element when field is conditionally hidden
- Added: Tag to retrieve selected option label in emails with {fieldname;label}
- Added: Option to replace comma's with HTML in emails for checkbox/radio/dropdown elements under Advanced TAB
- Added: Cool new feature to do if foreach loops inside email body content with {tag} compatibility e.g:
  - This method is intended to be used in combination with dynamic columns
  - **Example:** `foreach(first_name): Person #<%counter%>: <%first_name%> <%last_name%><br /> endforeach;`
- Added: Cool new feature to do if `isset` and `!isset` checks inside email body content with {tag} compatibility e.g:
  - This method should be used whenever you conditionally hide fields and they are no longer set and {tags} inside email would then not be converted because no such field was found
  - **Example 1:** `isset(first_name): The field exists! endif;`
  - **Example 2:** `!isset(first_name): This field does not exists! endif;`
  - **Example 3:** `isset(first_name): This field exists! elseif: This field does not exists! endif;`
- Added: Option for submit button to print or save PDF based on custom HTML that supports {tags} to dynamically retrieve form data
- Added: Print button can support signatures when used like `<embed type="image/png" src="{signature}"></embed>`
- Added: tag `{dynamic_column_counter}` to retrieve current dynamic column number added by user (this tag can currently only be used inside HTML element)
- Added: `stripslashes` for heading title / desciption
- Added: `htmlentities` Flags `ENT_NOQUOTES | ENT_SUBSTITUTE | ENT_DISALLOWED`

### Jan 29, 2018 - Version 3.8.0
- Added: Compatibility for variable fields with advanced tags e.g: {field;2}
- Added: Option "User Form locker / submission limit", this option allows you to only allow a logged in user to submit a specific form once only
- Added: Option to Toggle all fields to be exported to CSV on Contact Entry page in back-end
- Added: "Submitted by:" on Contact Entries page when a form was submitted by a logged in user
- Added: Option to retrieve entry data based on `$_GET['contact_entry_id']` or `$_POST['contact_entry_id']` (this will override the logged in user last submission data if it is set)
- Improved: When registering new user with Register & Login Add-on and entry is created the author will be the newly created user
- Improved: Builder speed
- Improved: Compressed the form json code by roughly 50% up to 80%
- Improved: Compressed the form settings json code by roughly 50% up to 80%
- Improved: Redo / Undo system, resulting in a smoother user experience when building forms on low end devices
- Fix: Undefined index: admin_attachments
- Fix: Form backup history restore sometimes returns blank forms (json error)
- Fix: Button link open new tab not working
- Fix: Google analytics conversion tracking not working when Custom form POST method is enabled
- Fix: Only save tracking settings on global level and not on form level
- Fix: HTML entities in json form code should not be decoded, e.g: &quot should be &quot and not converted to " 
- Fix: Honeypot captcha is filled out by Google Chrome saved username/passwords
- Fix: Distance calculations variable overridden with destination address
- Fix: Icons inside field with Medium size field
- Fix: CSV + Checkbox issue

### Dec 22, 2017 - Version 3.7.0
- Added: Tags field (text field can be converted into a tag/keyword field) via "Enable keyword field" TAB when editing the text field
- Added: Deutsch/German translation (if you have translation files let us know so we can add them to the core files)
- Added: Option to retrieve tags for autosuggest fields
- Added: Option to change unique field name on the fly on builder page
- Improved: When Ajax is enabled, and google map API is not filled out, do not load the js library
- Improved: Automatically rename duplicated fields for more user-friendly work flow
- Improved: Back-end field filter code execution/speed improvement
- Improved: Google Map element can now udpate map address dynamically based on {tag}
- Fix: Bug with conditional logic not scanning on form level but on active multi-part level in rare occasions.
- Fix: Toggle field start value "On" not affected

### Dec 08, 2017 - Version 3.6.0
- Added: Option to add google analytics tracking events via: Super Forms > Settings > Form Settings
- Added: Option to center form via: Form Settings > Theme & Colors
- Added: Cool new feature to do if statements inside email body content with {tag} compatibility e.g:
  - (possible constructors are: ==, !=, >, <, >=, <=)
  - **Example 1:** `if({field}==123): Extra information here... endif;`
  - **Example 2:** `if({age}<18): You are underaged! elseif: You are an adult! endif;`
- Added: Extra conditional validation methods with option to compare 2 values instead of just 1 e.g: 
 - `> && < Greater than AND Less than`
 - `> || < Greater than OR Less than`
 - `>= && < Greater than or equal to AND Less than`
 - `>= || < Greater than or equal to OR Less than`
 - `> && <= Greater than AND Less than or equal to`
 - `> || <= Greater than OR Less than or equal to`
 - `>= && <= Greater than or equal to AND Less than or equal to`
 - `>= || <= Greater than or equal to OR Less than or equal to`
- Added: Ability to retrieve checkbox/radio/dropdown Label with tag `{field;label}` (currently works for variable fields, conditional logics only in combination with checkbox/radio/dropdowns)
- Added: Option for datepicker field to exclude specific days from the calendar so users won't be able to select them when choosing a date
- Added: Option to disable autofocus for first element inside multi-part when multi-part becomes active
- Added: {tags} to retrieve cart information when WooCommerce is installed and activated: `{wc_cart_total}`, `{wc_cart_total_float}`, `{wc_cart_items}`, `{wc_cart_items_price}`
- Added: Option to disable autocompletion for specific fields via "Advanced > Disable autocompletion" 
- Added: Option to do custom POST request with custom parameters instead of sending all available data (because some API's only allow you to POST parameters they request)
- Improved: RTL styles
- Improved: Changed submit button from `<a>` tag to `<div>` tag to avoid conflict with themes that care less about no-conflict policy
- Fix: issue with validating fields in combination with conditional logic and multi-parts that have "Check for errors before going to next step" enabled
- Fix: Issue with dropdowns inside dynamic column (clear field function was not updating field value correctly) result in conditions and calculations not properly updating
- Fix: Issue with conditional logic AND method
- Fix: bug with TAB index for fields
- Fix: Some PHP warnings

### Nov 23, 2017 - Version 3.5.0
- Added: Compatibility with {tags} for conditional logic values and AND values
- Added: Google Map element (with polylines options for drawing point A to B dynamically, for instance for calc. distance with google address autocomplete)
- Added: Option for Google Address Autocomplete to populate street name and number and visa versa at once (combined)
- Added: Backwards compatibility with older form codes that have image field and other HTML field in group form_elements instead of html_elements
- Added: Shortcode compatibility for default field value
- Added: Google distance calculation setting for dropdown element (allows to let user choose specific locations and calculate distance based on that)
- Improved: Split up Form and HTML elements under their own TAB
- Improved: When google API query limit is reached for distance calculations show message to the user
- Improved: Skip AND method if not used for variable fields
- Fix: Bug fixed after improving skipping AND method if not used for variable fields
- Fix: Remove datepicker intialize class after column is dynamically duplicated
- Fix: When using custom submit button with custom URL redirect enable the option to set custom Button name was hidden
- Fix: Buttons dropdown setting for custom contact entry statuses
- Changed: Auto updates for Envato element users
- Removed: product activation TAB

Full Changelog:

created by feeling4design
last update 2018-07-20T03:22:13+10:00

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