Download VideoTube - A Responsive Video WordPress Theme

Download VideoTube – A Responsive Video WordPress Theme

VideoTube – version 3.2.1 is out now.

[New] How to import videos from Youtube/Vimeo?

Have you ever wanted to collect and share your favorite videos online? Interested in uploading your own work to broadcast across the web? Videotube is here for you.

Whether you’re embedding preexisting videos from giants like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu …(Supported Video Sites) which supports oEmbed protocol and any sites that supports Iframe/embed code or showcasing creations of your own, Videotube offers a clean and modern platform to do just that.

  • Effortlessly customize Videotube to your liking with its powerful homepage widgets
  • Invite peer feedback with Videotube’s built-in like system
  • Share popular videos on social media
  • Allow users to submit videos and contribute to Videotube

Collect, present, and share a world of videos! With Videotube at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.


Feature List



08 October 2018 – V3.2.1

Updated: WPbakery 5.5.4

1 July 2018 – V3.2

Updated: WPbakery 5.5.2

28 March 2018 – V3.1

Updated: WPbakery 5.4.7
Added: Facebook, Twitter, Streamable and Openload videos are supported.
Added: Custom Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 21:9
Changed: Changing the heart to thumbs-up icon.

27 February 2018 – V3.0.9

Updated: WPbakery 5.4.5
Updated: Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field 2.0.1
Fixed: Uploading video file.

22 November 2017 – V3.0.8

Updated: WPbakery 5.4.4
Fixed: A few minor CSS.

18 October 2017 – V 3.0.7

Updated: WPbakery 5.4.2
Fixed: A few minor CSS and HTML tag.

02 August 2017 – V 3.0.6

Fixed: Responsive issues.
Added: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile columns options.

01 August 2017 – V 3.0.5

Fixed: the related videos/posts widget title.
Fixed: A few minor CSS
Added: Registration captcha form supported.

15 July 2017 – V 3.0.4

Fixed: Page builder orderby and order dropdown fields.

12 July 2017 – V 3.0.3

Fixed: Page builder fontawesome dropdown field.
Fixed: A few minor CSS
Added: Read more/read less option at Theme Options->Misc panel.

11 July 2017 – V 3.0.2

Updated: WPbakery 5.2
Added: Video archive responsive columns option at Theme Options->Misc panel
Fixed: A few minor CSS

03 July 2017 – V 3.0.1

Fixed: A few minor CSS
Fixed: the post widget columns.
Updated: POT language file.

02 July 2017 – V 3.0

Improved: the submit form.
Improved: the upload video, thumbnail image features.
Improved: the video view, like count.
Fixed: A few minor JS
Fixed: A few minor CSS
Added: read more/read less
Added: the "edit" video button, allows admin, editor or video owner to modify the video content
Added: the "mobile columns" and "thumbnail size" options into Widgets and the Page builder.
Updated: demo content, all available demo content files can be found in the XML folder.
Updated: documentation

09 May 2017

Updated: WPbakery 5.1.1

24 Mar 2017 – V2.3

Updated: WPbakery 5.1
Updated Files:

05 Dec 2016

Updated: WPbakery 5.0.1

20 Sep 2016

Updated: WPbakery 4.12.1

11 July 2016 – V2.2.9

Fixed: A few minor css
Added: single post navigation (previous and next post).
Updated: WPbakery 4.12
Updated files:
- videotube/style.css
- videotube/single.php
- videotube/includes/Mars_Required_Plugins.php

3 June 2016 – V2.2.8

Fixed: A few minor css
Added snapchat social icon
Updated: Font Awesome 4.6.3
Updated files:
- videotube/style.css
- videotube/assets/font-awesome.min.css
- videotube/assets/fonts/
- videotube/includes/theme-options.php
- videotube/includes/functions.php


Updated: WPbakery

02/04/2016 V2.2.7

Updated: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.11.1
Fixed: A few minor css

12/09/2015 V2.2.6

Updated: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.9
Fixed: A few minor css

11/03/2015 V2.2.5

Updated: WPBakery Visual Composer
Improved: Jetpack stat.

10/21/2015 V2.2.4

Added: Automatic update functionality through your Purchase Code and Personal Token key.
Updated: Child theme V2.0
Fixed: setting-error-tgmpa broken.
Fixed: Search query var - sorting option.
Fixed: height responsive related posts widget.
Fixed: Video autoplay.
Fixed: RTL.
Fixed: A few minor css

10/06/2015 V2.2.3

Updated: WPbakery 4.7.4

09/19/2015 V2.2.2

Updated plugin: WPbakery
Updated file: search.php

09/14/2015 V2.2.1

Fully video responsive on normal post without jetpack plugin activated.
Fixed: RTL.
Added: Fully compatible with Social Count Plus.
Changed files:
- videotube/style.css: A few minor css, changed the version number.
- videotube/includes/functions.php
- videotube/includes/Mars_Subscribox_Widget.php
- videotube/includes/theme-options.php (added soundcloud and pinterest field)

09/03/2015 V2.2

Fixed: Bootstrap Carousel.

08/30/2015 V2.1

Updated: WPbakery (JS Composer ) 4.7
Fixed: RTL.
Fixed: Post view number in video single page.
Fixed: Turn-off-light button.

08/25/2015 V2.0

Added: RTL support.
Added: Video Aspect Ratio option.
Added: Custom CSS, JS field on mobile.
Added: jetpack Post view module compatible.
New: New design of Theme Options.
Updated: Documentation.
Updated: PO file.
Updated: Bootstrap v3.3.5.
Fixed: Fully video responsive, compatible with bootstrap latest version.
Fixed: WP Widget 4.3 compatible.
Fixed: Broken layout when display full length of post title.
Fixed: New theme options api, fully compatible with Redux Framework plugin.
Removed: Theme Options: Site icon, Google Analytics ... and a few unused fields.

08/07/2015 V1.3.5

Updated: JS Composer 4.6.2 (the updated version can be found in updated-plugin folder)
New: Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator ( compatible.
Updated Files: 
- videotube/style.css (changed version number)
- videotube/includes/media.php
- videotube/includes/theme-options.php
- videotube/includes/Mars_Custom_Taxonomies.php
- videotube/languages/default.po
- TGM-Plugin-Activation 2.5.2 (videotube/includes/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php)

07/16/2015 V1.

Updated: JS Composer 4.6.1 (the updated version can be found in updated-plugin folder)
Fixed: A few minor css (style.css)
Updated: Filter hook in Related Video widget (videotube/includes/Mars_RelatedVideo_Widgets.php).


Updated: JS Composer 4.5.3 (prettyPhoto XSS fixed)

05/06/2015 V1.

Updated: JS Composer 4.5.1
Updated: TGM-Plugin-Activation 2.5

04/23/2015 V

Updated: TGM-Plugin-Activation 2.4.1 
Updated: JS Composer 4.4.4 
Fixed: Video fully responsive
Removed: Framework folder, now you would need to install redux framework plugin after updated the theme, the plugin can be found here
Removed: Recaptcha old version.

03/23/2015 V

Updated: JS Composer 4.4.3 ( the latest version can be found in updated-plugin folder. )
Fixed: Dropdown Menu.
Fixed: Archive Page Title.

02/12/2015 V

Updated: JS Composer 4.4.2 ( the latest version can be found in updated-plugin folder. )
Fixed Video Responsive (require jetpack plugin installed).
Fixed: Login/Register shortcode, removed Register password fields, now the form works like wordpress default register form.
Fixed: Video post form.
Fixed: Caching author post, like, view count number.
Fixed: Video Comment/Share/Like/Turn off Light's responsive.
Fixed: Site title duplicate.
Changed: Pagination Prev/Next label.

01/07/2015 V

Fixed: Related Video/Post broken layout.

12/20/2014 V 1.3.4

WP 4.1 compatible (Title tag).
JS Composer 4.3.5


WP Upgrading Class/Options in Theme Options/Update.

09/30/2014 V1.3.3

Added: Support all shortcode type in iframe/embed field.
Fixed: video password required: show the password field and hide the main content if the post password required.

09/29/2014 V1.3.2.3

Changed: Post meta action hooks.
Fixed: get_the_date().
Fixed: Scrolling template.

09/28/2014 V1.3.2.2

Fixed: Broken layout in JS composer.
Added: fr_FR.po, Special Thank to Nexnivis.

09/25/2014 V1.3.2.1

Fixed: Fix/markup the Breadcrumb in single video page.

09/23/2014 V1.3.2

Added: video, audio, wpvideo (videopress) shortcode support.
Added: Compatible with Seo By Yoast Breadcrumb
Updated: JS Composer 4.3.4

08/24/2014 V1.3.1

Fixed: Self-Hosted Video autoplay. loading the blank page.
Fixed: Submit Form.

08/21/2014 V1.3

Added: Multiple videos, now you can add more than 1 video (un-limit), example
Added: date, today, thisweek option in all widgets: You can filter the video by the certain date, today or this week.
Added: date, today, thisweek option in videotube shortcode.
Added: Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field plugin, $25AUD values.
Fixed: Archive the Video Link/Embed code in one field, now the Video thumbnail will work for the embed code.
Fixed thumbnail_size widget builer.
Updated: Po language file.
Updated: Visual Composer 4.3.3
Removed: VideoTube Feed plugin, now you can configure the feed in Theme Options/General/Video Feed field.
Removed: VideoTube Search plugin, now you can configure the Search Result page in Theme Options/General/Video Search field

8/06/2014 V1.2.2

Added: Adding the Icon before the title of page builder.
Updated: Visual Composer 4.3.2
Fixed: Page builder html element id.
Fixed: Hidden video type in submit form.
Fixed: Carousel widget page builder.

8/05/2014 V1.2.1

Added: 6 Color Schemes: Blue, Splash Orange, Orange, Wood, Splash Red, Green.
Fixed: Video/Post page builder shortcode.
Updated: Documentation, Po file.

8/04/2014 V1.2

Added: Regular Post page builder (Regular Post and Video are in one Pack)
Added: Columns option in archive/category/author page through "mars_layout_columns" filter, example for how to use the filter at
Added videotube_upload options as category include/exclude/orderby/order, more details in documentation.
Added: Homepages template page builder, one click to build the home/landing page.
Added: Theme automatic upgrade, you have to provide the Themeforest Username and API key in Appearance/Theme Options/Update.
Added JS Composer documentation.
Fixed: Login form remember issue.
Fixed Login/Register page redirection - /includes/Mars_LoginRegister_Template.php
Fixed: VT Tag Cloud widget, add taxonomy, smallest,largest, number option.
Fixed: One Big Widget, added thumnail image size option.
Fixed: Empty widget title.
Fixed: Video autoplay.
Fixed the lenght of the description in SEO mode.
Updated Font-Awesome 4.1.0
Updated Visual Composer 4.3.1
Updated *.Po file.
Updated Redux
Updated Documentation.

07/20/2014 V 1.1

Fixed: [videotube] shortcode.
Fixed: Missing Taxonomy (Video category and video tag) labels.
Fixed: Adding order filter in search result page.
Added: the columns option in the Featured/Main/Related Video/post widgets.
Added: Visual Composer Page Builder.
Removed: Prime Strategy Page Navi plugin.
Updated: Po language file.
Updated: Documentation.

07/15/2014 V1.0.4.4

Fixed Widgets Classes.
Updated Redux

06/12/2014 V1.0.4.2

Added Page Left Sidebar
Fixed Widgets Hooked.
Fixed Getting Video Thumbnails from Frontend submit form.
Fixed Ajax loading more video.
Updated language po file.
Updated Redux 3.3.1

05/05/2014 V1.0.4.1

Added Tumblr social link.
Fixed Main Post/Video widget row, slider.
Fixed custom the video slug.

04/25/2014 V1.0.4

Added Infinite Scrolling Template, support Custom Post Type (CPT).
Added Compatible with Woocommerce.
Added Comment count in all the widget.
Added <!--nextpage--> support.
Added Website and Bio in channel page.
Added Category, Tag Filter Condition in Related Video and Post widget.
Changed adding the video search result as a plugin function.
Changed "Category" label to "Video Category".
Fixed is_main_query in Channel/Author page.
Fixed Liked, Viewed count number in Channel/Author page.
Fixed "Lastest" sorting misspell.
Updated .PO file.

04/12/2014 V1.0.3

Added Login/Profile Widget.
Added video autoplay option.
Added Channel page (read documentation for howto)
Added Channel/Author Sidebar.
Improved Video Submit Form: 
- Embed code, Video File uploading is support.
- Added Preview Video Image
- Added Video/Preview Image size limit.
- Added Video Type option support.
- Fixed author post ID
- Fixed Video tag, Video category.
- Fixed duplicating post/video html ID.
- Compatible with Profile Builder =>
- Updated Documentation.
- Fixed: displaying the video detail page.
- Fixed: Support all video sites (Video Link), which is supported oEmbed protocol as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu ... etc.

04/08/2014 V1.0.2.2

Fixed Register/Login form.
Fixed Main Post Widget title string limitation.
Updated Documentation.

04/02/2014 V1.0.2.1

Added custom Video Dateformat.
Added Row option in All video/post widget (Featured, Main, Right, Related widgets).
Added Carousel auto play in Video/Post Widget.
Added Post date filter in Video/Post Widget.
Added Custom Login/Register page (optional), replaced for WP login default page.
Fixed video auto play.
Fixed no limit the length of the video/post title.

03/31/2014 V1.0.2

Added Video in Feed page.
Updated language po file.
Updated XML file.
Added Support publicize jetpack.
Added Loading Icon in Like button.
Added Allow Guest to like option.
Added Main Post widget, Featured Post Widget, Right Post widget.
Fixed Post Class in all VT Widget.

03/28/2014 V1.0.1.2

Fixed _e() function in archive and category page.

03/27/2014 V1.0.1.1

Added custom Body Text font.
Added custom Headings font.
Added custom Menu font.
Added custom Widget Title Color.
Added custom Header Navigation Color.
Fixed Turn Off Light.
Fixed One Big Video widget.
Fixed Checking menu $theme_location.
Fixed Loading author name in video detail page.
Upgraded Redux Framework v3.1.9.1.

03/26/2014 V1.0.1

- Added Play Icon in Category, Video Tag, shortcode (Video List), Archive page.
- Added option to use embed code from any video site.
- Fixed widget title.
- Fixed comment REPLY label.

03/16/2014 V1.0.0

Initial Release

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