Download WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

Download WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer – Complete business solution for selling custom printing products



Version 4.2.0 (18 April 2017)


  1. Supported WooCommerce 3.0.x
  2. Allow change color of photo
  3. Quick install with automatic setup and import product demo.
  4. Update new google fonts (800+ fonts)
  5. Add “Knowledge Base” on customers website (quick support)


  1. Install addon
  2. Active layout default not works on some server
  3. Active and load design of store
  4. Download design of store
  5. Fix bugs of quick edit
  6. Can’t add cart, save design when image product missing
  7. Missing thumb views front, back on mobile
  8. Cut images of clipart on mobile
  9. Issues when save design idea
  10. Can’t click button product info and size

Version 4.1.4 (22 February 2017)


  1. Create new layout. Read More
  2. Allow add new design and customize style of layout. Read More
  3. Allow setup layout on each product.
  4. Allow setup size with width, height of box design (old version fixed 500×500px)
  5. Config DIP of file upload, check DPI when customers upload and display warning
  6. Sort categories of clipart Read More
  7. One click to add clipart
  8. Add option show or hide terms of upload
  9. Automatic add photo to design when uploaded


  1. Price display in design tool when Woocommerce use decimal separator is ’,’
  2. Variations values not working when edit design from page cart
  3. Bugs of quick edit
  4. Clipart store

Version 4.1.3 [14 November 2016]


  1. Add quick edit in page product detail. This page allow client easy change text, photo. Read More
  2. Change images when change colors in page product detail.
  3. Change design idea in page product detail.
  4. Added page design template of store. This page allow client choose product, design idea. Read More
  5. Allow create design idea in admin page. Read More
  6. Added fields of design. Read More
  7. Automatic update mini cart after click button buy now


  1. Price of product variation
  2. Open file output on sofware AI, CorelDRAW
  3. Save design template
  4. Allow add category of product design

Version 4.1.1 [12 September 2016]

Fixed Bugs

  1. Blank page when open T-Shirt eCommerce in admin page
  2. Create and Save design template
  3. Layout on mobile and PC
  4. Search design idea
  5. SSL
  6. Not working on EDGE 14
  7. Price wrong when change product
  8. Resize product image on mobile
  9. Color of product is not change when preview design ideas

Version 4.1.0 [02 September 2016]


  1. Cliparts Store with 10000+ Cliparts
  2. Design Template:, allow client choose list design template in design tool
  3. Smart data with store
  4. New mobile layout
  5. Change admin system, help client easy and fast to add product
  6. Auto save design of client and load design when client come back
  7. Group item design and allow move, resize…
  8. Add Introduction of design tool
  9. Allow show, hide button ‘add to cart’ on page product detail

Fixed Bugs

  1. Download file PDF, PNG on chrome
  2. Add minimum quantity after change product.
  3. Add permission view page download design from admin
  4. Show product design template when using shortcode
  5. Notify update on admin wrong
  6. Publish, Unpublish font from admin
  7. Upload font file
  8. Add function allow download element design
  9. Show clipart on parent categories
  10. Change Qrcode google api to Qrcode library offline
  11. Enter many line on text box of design tool
  12. Auto create many file svg when reload page download
  13. Hide list product colors from product options
  14. Fix create new product design when edit product from cart
  15. Add to cart on IE11
  16. Text clipped when preview
  17. Image clipped when move on safari
  18. Change color of clipart when copy item
  19. Text item broken of EDGE
  20. Rotate item change position when start move
  21. Size of item wrong when add item in zoom mode

Version 4.0.0 [30-03-2016]

    - Login, save design with user of WordPress
    - Theme system of design tool and allow change layout in admin page
    - Change layout of design tool
    - Allow add printing type and setup price with text, color, size, fixed...
    - Allow edit design in page cart, order and re-order
    - Change "Buy Now" to "Add to cart" 
    - Show info of client and email order
    - Support client download file design
    - Show product colors, list attribute in page product detail
    - Sort color of product design in admin page
    - Allow setup loading when load page design
    - Show price detail with each item
    - View detail of price printing

Fixed Bugs
    - Download file PDF, PNG with 300PDI
    - Size of file output same file size config of area design
    - Server not support cgi.fix_pathinfo
    - Server not support file_get_contents
    - And more bugs...

Version 3.1.0 [29-06-2015]

  - Added: View detail of order
  - Added: Ouput with PNG
  - Added: Auto create page and shortcode  
  - Fixed: Works SSL

Version 3.0.2 [05-06-2015]

  - Fixed: Share facebook
  - Fixed: Install blank page
  - Fixed: Setting upload max size
  - Added: Add to cart with big file

Version 3.0.1 [03-06-2015]

  - Fixed bug of size area and change price
  - And more small bugs.

Version 3.0.0 [27-05-2015]

  - Fixed: Share design
  - Added: Helper tool
  - Added: Area print with A6-A0
  - Added: layout of mobile
  - ...

Version 2.0.1 [15-04-2015]

  - Added: Change product and price
  - Fixed: Choose product in designer

Version 2.0.0 [12-04-2015]

  - Fixed: Save design
  - Fixed: Share design
  - Added: Function design idea
  - Added: Choose product in designer
  - Added: Auto import
  - Added: Auto update (once click to update)

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