Download WooCommerce Gift Card

Download WooCommerce Gift Card

WooCommerce Gift Card v2.4

If you are familiar with the previous Woocommerce Gift Card versions below 1.6 you should go through the documentation attached in your plugin
Alot has changed.
Settings page has been moved to “Gift Card” tab under Woocommerce settings.
Product meta box has been moved to Woocommerce metabox on product pages.
Settings for allowing gift cards to appear on the shop page or on a different page using the shortcode[coupon_page] Date field now has calendar selection
Support for variable products
Barcode39 now integrated. You can send barcode for gift cards using [barcode] in the email template.

Woocommerce Gift card

Woocommerce Gift Card plugin allows you to sell redeemable gift cards on your Woocommerce store. The gift cards are coupon codes which are generated automatically and can be applied to carts or products at checkout. It gets more interesting as you can send gift cards to other people. Ramson adds a gift card to cart and on checkout,on the field “I’m sending this Gift Card to someone” he enters Isaac’s email and name then Isaac receives the gift card. I bet this would come very much in handy for Xmas ! At the checkout,if you want it sent to someone else,input the name and email of the receiver.

WooCommerce Gift Card - 1

Do not forget to read the FAQ below. It’s of great importance.


-Set up expiry date of gift vouchers.
-Exclude certain products from being redeemable using a gift voucher.
-Allow buyers to enter the amount of gift card they want.
-Enter prefix for coupon codes.
-Coupon codes are sent to users only when payment is sucessful.

WooCommerce Gift Card - 2

It still gets more exciting

Gift cards are created same way as products BUT appears on a different page using the shortcode[coupon_page] . This eliminates the confusion of having gift products on shop page.

WooCommerce Gift Card - 3

Hold on… another exciting feature is :

I thought you might want to change the default email template,so I added a simple way to change the default email template. Email is sent as HTML,so you can add as much HTML contents you would want to add like logo of your website at the top of the email or just whatever HTML where ever in the email.  :D
I know it’s all about being stylish.You can go more stylish as there is also additional option to set/change the subject of the email.

You should take note of what the following represents :

-[receiver_name] : Name of the receiver. If you’re not sending it to someone else then the name will be the name of the buyer filled on checkout page

-[coupons] : These are redeemable coupon codes paid for.

-[blog_name] : Title of website.

-[site_url] : Url of the website.

-[date] : Date

-[total] : Total worth of the gift voucher(s)

-[quantity] : Quantity of coupon voucher(s)

-[receiver_contents] : If the buyer is sending the gift voucher to someone else,this will allow the name of the buyer/sender and the message of the sender to be included in the email that contains the gift voucher.

WooCommerce Gift Card - 4

Your shoppers could be Santa

Woocommerce Gift Card plugin provides buyers the opportunity of sending Gift cards to someone else. It allows the ease of buying on behalf of someone else.

WooCommerce Gift Card - 5

Complete Order Management System

Barcode and Coupon code saved in the order admin
WooCommerce Gift Card - 6
The Gift card Email can be sent to the recipient at any time.
WooCommerce Gift Card - 7

And I almost forgot that :

-You can translate this plugin to other languages. It’s easily localizable !
-Regular support.
-Additional customization per buyer(slight fee might be charged) .


-My buyer/shopper ordered a gift card but his/her payment wasn’t successful. Will the person receive the gift card?
It’s a big NO. Your buyer can only receive gif card(s) only if the payment is successful. It’s a very important feature to prevent unpaid users from receiving gift cards.

-My buyers are receiving coupon codes but the price appears to be zero ‘0’.
On the gift product page make sure you enter the sale price and not the regular price . The amount on the coupon is equivalent to the sale price. The regular price is not needed for the price of the gift voucher.

-Does this plugin supports HTML in email template ?
Version 1.4 is out and HTML email is fully supported.

Change Log

14th December 2017
-Improved compatibility for variations

10th May 2017
-Fixed compatibility issues with WooCommerce 3.0 above.
-Added extra fields for recipient's details.
-Recipient details appear on order page in admin.
-Gift card email can be resent only to recipient from admin.
-Recipient name and email can be changed on order page in admin.

6th Feburary 2017
-Fixed duplicate emails when order is changed from processing to completed.
-Added section in order page to see who gift card recipient's and also resend the email to the recipient.

-Fixed issue with shortcode template.
-Updated translation strings.

Improvements to gift card settings page.
-Added option to allow buyers enter their gift card price.
-Added option to allow admin configure gift card prefix for better security.

Fixed bugs with saving metabox on some wordpress installations
Fixed gift card being sent from
Settings for allowing gift cards to appear on the shop page or on a different page using the shortcode[coupon_page]
Settings page has been moved to "Gift Card" tab under Woocommerce settings
Product meta box has been moved to Woocommerce metabox on product pages
Date field now has calendar selection
Support for variable products
Barcode39 now integrated. You can send barcode for gift cards using [barcode] in the email template.

Fixed gift card code not applying to shipping

Fixed invalid coupon code issues.

Fixed layout of gift products.

Sender name is now displayed in the email sent to the receiver.
Added extra field to send personal message to receiver at the check out.
Added support for HTML email.
Initial release

Need Additional functionality for your gift cards?

Purchase WooCommerce Coupons Extended

. WooCommerce Coupons extended allows managing coupon balance, getting balance of coupons, creating coupon campaigns and more.

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