Download Woocommerce Gift Card Pro

Download Woocommerce Gift Card Pro

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WooCommerce Gift Card Pro

Gift Card Pro for WooCommerce enables merchants to easily create and sell gift cards on their store, and that’s just one of the brilliant features this extension could bring. Let’s find out!

First, why do customers want to buy gift cards?

Gift cards gifting is getting very popular these days and becoming a $100 billion business. According to Card Cash’s recent survey, more than 50% of respondents said that gift cards let the receivers select the gifts they want to buy, and about 25% said that gift cards are easier to buy than classic gifts.

gift card survey

Most of customers purchase gift cards in holiday season and for birthdays. 75% of customers said that they purchase the gift card as a birthday present, while 64% customers admitted they would buy gift cards at winter holidays. Also other popular occasions such as weddings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, you name it, are good occasions to buy gift cards.

How to boost sales volume with Gift Cards?

Create and sell gift card product with flexible configuration

  • Admin can create and sell gift card products
  • Admin can edit, delete the gift cards
  • Three type of price schemes: fixed price, selected price, custom price

Design gift card easily with drag and drop

  • Admin can configure the gift card module, customize PDF gift card and the email template
  • Upload background image
  • Use shortcodes to add gift card content
  • Generate QR Code for gift cards
  • Change the language of the gift cards, the font, size of text

Import gift cards from backend

  • Admin can import the gift card csv file from backend
  • The gift card csv sample file is attached in document

Share gift cards via email

  • Customer can purchase and send gift cards to friends through emails
  • Customer can redeem gift cards
  • Customer can track gift card history log in My account
  • Admin can attach PDF gift card to notification emails sent to both of gift card buyer and receiver
  • Manage gift cards info from backend

    • Track gift card status with history log
    • Every PDF gift card, gift certificate has QR Code for security reason

    Key Features

    gift card key features


    Woocommerce gift card - changelog
    ### Version 4.2 August 20 2018
    - Exclude Product: The merchant can exclude a selected product from gift card discount.
    - PDF Template: Administrators can create multiple pdfs and assign multiple products.
    - The product have multiple pdfs template.
    - Customers can choose the pdf template assigned to the gift card product
    - 4 default email template.
    - Administrators can create multiple email template and assign multiple products.
    - The product have multiple email templates.
    - Customers can choose the email template assigned to the gift card product.
    - Import Giftcard code for product giftcard.
    - fix bugs
    ### Version 4.1 April 10 2018
    - Add multiple email template
    - Choose email template
    ### version 4.0 Jan 17 2018
    - Add shortcode {{product_name}}
    - Fix a giftcard schedule date issue
    - Fix the problem balance giftcard
    - Buy multi giftcard
    ### version 4.0 Dec 23 2017
    - Remove gift card code in the cart page
    - Add note about format price
    - Add filter admin/customer created giftcard
    - Add link resend or send mail in manage giftcard backend
    - Add menu item "Gift card" in the My Account page
    - Add expiry time for giftcard
    - Upload giftcard pdf in backend
    - Fix some bug frequent
    - Compatible with latest version woocommerce
    ### version 3.1 No 10 2017
    - Preview gift card pdf
    - Compatible with latest version woocommerce
    ### version 3.0 June 30 2017
    - Set flexible price
    - Add new feature send email gift card template.
    - Add the language for gift card pro.
    ###version 2.9 May 06 2017
    - Fix sent email
    - Fix update_post_meta
    ###version 2.9 Dec 10 2015
    -Fix the bug that cause module is not compatible with php 5.2
    ###version 2.8 Dec 7 2015
    -Add new feature that allow Send Mail in the gift card
    -Fix bug that can not uncheck a product as gift card product
    -Fix bug that related to custom price of gift card
    -Fix bug that generate gift card balance not correct in case of selected price gift card
    ###version 2.7 Sep 18 2015
    -Add new variable to email {{product_image}}
    -Fix the bug that not allow customers choose different options for a gift card.
    ###version 2.6 May 27 2015
    Fix the bug that allow customer see the gift card code as post
    ###version 2.5 May 4 2015
    - Fix the From in notification email
    - Fix the XSS vulnerability when using add_query_arg
    ###version 2.4 April 28 2015
    Adding the validator for gift card form
    Enhance the description of background pdf
    ###version 2.3 March 31 2015
    Adding the languages folder
    Adding line break configuration for pdf setting
    Improve how the price appear in catalog page and product page
    compatible with woocommerce 2.3
    ###version 2.2 March 30 2015
    Fix bug that not allow other variable product to be added to cart
    ###version 2.1 February 11 2015
    Add barcode to the pdf giftcard
    Add option that admin can configure to not allow customer use gift card to buy other gift card
    ###version 2.0 February 9 2015
    Add barcode 128 on pdf gift card
    ###version 1.2-February 6 2015
    Remove un used menu
    ###version 1.1-February 5 2015
    Improve user interface for select gift card price
    ###version 1.0-January 22 2015
    Initial release

    Reviews from our customers

    woocommerce gift card review 1

    woocommerce gift card review 2


    If you have any query that is out of the provided documentation, please do not hesitate to contact Magenest Support Team via email

    Our support team is always ready to answer all of your questions.

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    last update 2018-12-25T12:21:06+11:00

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