Download WooCommerce Membership

Download WooCommerce Membership

WooCommerce Membership extension allows you to sell online memberships with WooCommerce and restrict access to posts and pages on your website.

Membership Plans

  • Create unlimited online membership plans (e.g. Silver Membership, Golden Membership etc)
  • Add or remove members manually from easy to use admin interface
  • Link plans to other plans to have them assigned to members automatically
  • Set delay for linked plan activation to create a content drip feed

WooCommerce Membership Products

  • Convert any simple or variable WooCommerce product to membership product
  • Select any number of membership plans to grant access to when product is purchased
  • Set up optional expiration time to make sure that users are only getting what they are paying for
  • Memberships are also expired automatically when corresponding orders are cancelled or refunded

Access Restriction

  • Restrict access to any post or page, including custom WordPress post types
  • Grant access only to all members or all non-members
  • Grant access only to all members with specific membership plans
  • Grant access only to non-members or members without specific membership plans
  • Posts that user does not have access to are also removed from all lists and menus
  • Protect hundreds of posts or pages at once with bulk editing functionality
  • Built-in access restriction shortcodes for granular access control

Managing WooCommerce Memberships

Memberships for specific customers are activated after order that contains membership product is paid or marked as processing or completed.

Membership will be cancelled when corresponding order is cancelled or refunded or membership expiration time has been reached. Membership will also be cancelled if corresponding Membership Plan is deleted.

Membership can also be granted or cancelled manually from membership plan page.

Membership Granted and Membership Cancelled emails can be configured and sent to customers automatically.

If Subscriptio extension is installed and membership product is also a subscription product, it will be activated and deactivated together with a subscription, e.g. if you pause a subscription, membership will be suspended, and if subscription is cancelled or expired, membership will be cancelled as well.


Version 2.2.4, 23 June 2018
* Fix - Compatibility issues with some other plugins related to custom taxonomies
* Fix - Admin can't view restricted content in the backend in some cases
* Fix - wc_checkout_params is deprecated since version 3.3.1
* Tweak - Replaced Select2 library with SelectWoo for better compatibility
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.2.3, 12 October 2017
* Fix - Linked plans are not displayed in WC 3.2 in product edit view
* Tweak - Better handling of deleted products
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.2.2, 20 April 2017
* Fix - Problems with restricting access to variable products
* Tweak - Updated Select2 script to improve compatibility with other plugins
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.2.1, 5 April 2017
[+] New option to add all new users to specific membership plan
[*] Bug preventing shop manager from saving settings
[*] Bug setting expiration date when member already has plan with no expiration
[*] Bug preventing full product description from being displayed
[*] Improved compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0
[*] Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.2, 22 June 2016
[+] All widgets are now supported by Visual Composer
[*] Fixed access restriction by URL issue
[*] Fixed a bug that would reset URL restriction rules on some occasions
[*] Enabled membership plan enable/disable actions directly from plan list
[*] Fixed an issue related to creation of new WooCommerce variations
[*] Fixed several issues related to CSV export tool
[*] Fixed notices on WooCommerce emails page
[*] Updated automatic updates class
[*] Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.1, 7 February 2016
[+] Multiple users can now be granted access at once from Users page
[+] File downloads are now automatically restricted on membership expiration
[+] Added option to enable content restrictions for admin user for testing purposes
[+] Added support for automatic updates
[+] Added supported WordPress and WooCommerce version checks
[*] Fixed limitation of member export tool
[*] Improved language file loading - now also looks in WP_LANG_DIR
[*] Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.0.5, 9 November 2015
[*] Fixed bug related to non-unique taxonomy term slug

Version 2.0.4, 17 September 2015
[*] Fixed several bugs related to display of variation product meta
[*] Fixed a bug with saving linked plan details
[*] Other minor changes

Version 2.0.3, 14 June 2015
[*] Fixed a bug related to membership being activated multiple times

Version 2.0.2, 12 June 2015
[*] Fixed a few typos in the code

Version 2.0.1, 8 June 2015
[*] Fixed problem of plans not saving for simple products

Version 2.0, 2 June 2015
[+] Added new feature to conditionally restrict access to URLs with wildcard support
[+] Added new shortcodes and user functions to display membership information
[+] Added an option to send membership expiration reminders at predefined intervals
[*] Improved members list on plan's page: added pagination and search
[*] Improved compatibility with The Events Calendar and Sensei plugins
[*] Fixed the inability to remove linked plan
[*] Improved member purchases handling within one plan
[*] Improved the way product and member counts are retrieved for membership plans
[*] Fixed problem related to linked products when product type is changed
[*] Small changes related to functionality on demo site
[*] Other minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes

Version 1.2, 25 February 2015
[+] Added a method that redirects users to custom URL when post is restricted
[+] Added Export To CSV functionality to export members of specific plan
[+] Added a method to change membership expiration date from plan page
[+] Added an option to restrict access to WooCommerce products
[+] Added an option to make WooCommerce products not purchasable by non-members
[+] Added Settings page under Membership menu
[*] Fixed a bug that allowed access to restricted content when no plan was selected
[*] Optimized loading of admin area assets
[*] Other minor bug fixes (typos in comments etc)

Version 1.1.4, 19 February 2015
[*] Hot fix for WooCommerce 2.3 compatibility issue (cosmetic issues only)
[*] Fixed membership plan saving after pressing Enter key

Version 1.1.3, 3 January 2015
[*] Fixed a bug related to membership expiration

Version 1.1.2, 22 December 2014
[*] Support for inner shortcodes
[*] Users with role "administrator" can now view shortcode content by default

Version 1.1.1, 17 December 2014
[*] Improved compatibility with WooCommerce 2.0 and 2.1
[*] Fixed a bug related to membership plan key existence checks
[*] Fixed a bug that prevented memberships from being expired
[*] Fixed a bug/typo in get_time_zone function

Version 1.1, 11 September 2014
[+] Added an option to expire memberships after a pre-defined amount of time
[+] Added new post/page access restriction options to cover more scenarios
[+] Added Membership Granted and Membership Expired emails
[+] Added a function that detects duplicate websites to suppress customer emails
[+] Added possibility to add/remove members to/from a membership plan manually
[+] Added support for WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Extension
[+] Added linked plans feature that allow content drip feed functionality
[+] Added bulk post edit capabilities
[*] Minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.0.1, 1 September 2014
[+] Added functions to restrict access to content from within templates
[*] Improved actions and filters available in this plugin
[*] Fixed "Can't use method return value in write context" bug in older PHP versions
[*] Improved function that determines system's time zone

Version 1.0, 29 August 2014
[+] Initial release


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