Download WooCommerce PDF Invoice

Download WooCommerce PDF Invoice

WooCommerce PDF Invoice is the most professional and feature-rich invoicing extension which comes with premium support. For those that mean business.

Invoicing extensions are not ordinary extensions – documents must comply with accounting standards and regulations, the extension itself must be very reliable as a single flaw can mean additional costs later on.

Having this in mind we spent countless hours researching accounting standards and developing a product that we can proudly refer to as the most professional WooCommerce invoicing extension in the world.

Fully Automatic Invoicing

  • Invoices are generated automatically for each new order
  • Tightly integrated with WooCommerce and its functionality
  • Invoice PDF documents get attached to standard WooCommerce emails
  • Detects currency that is used in your store as well as other settings
  • Works perfectly out of the box – just activate and you are ready to go

Two Types Of Invoices

  • Regular invoices generated as soon as order is marked as completed
  • Generated invoices are stored safely as PDF files and never change
  • Proforma invoices available for all new orders by default
  • Proforma invoices are generated on the fly and always contain any changes made to orders
  • Use both types of invoices or disable one of them

Simple Invoice Management

  • Easily download any invoice from the order list view or single order view
  • Set proforma invoices to be attached to New Order emails sent to store managers
  • Manually generate regular invoice even before order is marked as completed
  • Manually delete and regenerate any invoice if order details were changed
  • Download all regular invoices in a ZIP file by selecting a date range

Buyer & Seller Details

  • Set seller company name, address and other details
  • Upload new logo image or select from existing images in media library
  • Optionally resize logo image to make it look perfect on the invoice
  • Advanced buyer details block editor to match any possible formats
  • Custom checkout fields are fully supported!

Reliable Numbering System

  • Extension comes with a built-in proprietary document numbering system
  • Protects from duplicate invoice numbers and gaps in the numbering sequence
  • Set invoice number prefix and suffix with {{year}}, {{month}} and {{day}} macros
  • Optional next invoice number reset to “1” at the beginning of each year
  • Optionally disable built-in numbering system and just use order numbers

Full Tax Support

  • Supports tax as configured in WooCommerce and displays tax rows in the totals block
  • Tax displayed above or below total depending on whether subtotal is exclusive or inclusive of tax
  • Optionally displays net amount, tax rate and tax amount on each line (required in some countries)
  • Optionally displays “Total excluding tax” row (required in some countries)
  • Multiple tax classes (rates) supported and displayed on separate rows

Advanced Control

  • Enable or disable sending invoices by email
  • Show or hide invoice download links in “View Order” page
  • Display or hide product ID, SKU, category and short description
  • Display or hide product thumbnails below main row item data
  • Display or hide amount in words below totals

Customizable Layout

  • Easily add and modify footer content
  • Up to four custom content blocks for payment, warranty and other information
  • Display different content blocks on different types of invoices
  • Support for multiple macros, like {{order_date}} or {{shipping_method}}
  • Possible to use any custom order field as macro

What Users Say


Version 3.1.7, 9 October 2017
* Fix - Guest user can't download proforma invoice
* Fix - Unicode character display issues
* Fix - Duplicate meta values displayed when added by 3rd party plugins
* Fix - Fatal error on lower WooCommerce versions related to get_gallery_image_ids()
* Fix - Backslash not displayed properly in address fields
* Tweak - Improved batch download functionality to prevent corrupted zip files
* Tweak - Changed position of "Total excluding tax" row
* Dev - New filter woo_pdf_display_item_meta to hide product meta completely
* Dev - New filter woo_pdf_item_meta to show/hide specific product meta values

Version 3.1.6, 20 April 2017
* Fix - Incorrect tax rate displayed next to tax label

Version 3.1.5, 15 April 2017
* Fix - Decimal part display issues when decimal separator is empty in WC settings
* Fix - Bug related to changes to order date since WooCommerce 3.0

Version 3.1.4, 6 April 2017
* Fix - Security fix to prevent unauthorized access to proforma invoices
* Fix - Users with role shop_manager can't save settings
* Fix - Main product image is not displayed on the invoice
* Tweak - Improved compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0
* Tweak - Due to many requests text in grey was darkened
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements
* Dev - New filter woo_pdf_admin_roles to override admin roles
* Dev - New filter woo_pdf_admin_capability to override admin capability
* Dev - New filter woo_pdf_totals to override order totals

Version 3.1.3, 30 June 2016
* Fix - Updated automatic updates class to fix fatal error on some setups

Version 3.1.2, 29 June 2016
* Tweak - Updated automatic updates class
* Fix - Invoice not attached to Order Completed email under some conditions

Version 3.1.1, 23 June 2016
* Tweak - New setting to choose when regular invoices are generated
* Tweak - Other minor fixes and improvements
* Fix - Can’t use function return value in write context

Version 3.1, 21 June 2016
* Tweak - Changed when regular invoice is generated - checks method $order->is_paid()
* Tweak - Proforma invoices are now send with order on-hold emails as well
* Tweak - Custom content block title is no longer displayed if content is empty
* Tweak - Updated automatic updates class
* Fix - No such file or directory warning when attaching invoice to email
* Fix - Issues with cart discount tax display
* Fix - Issues with mount in words functionality (hundreds, thousands etc)
* Fix - Division by zero

Version 3.0.2, 11 April 2016
* Fix - WordPress 4.5 compatibility issues
* Fix - Price rounding issue

Version 3.0.1, 1 March 2016
* Feature - Implemented automatic updates
* Tweak - Supported WordPress and WooCommerce version now checked
* Tweak - Improved admin user interface
* Tweak - Other minor fixes and improvements
* Fix - Price rounding issue
* Fix - Missing icon issue

Version 3.0, 5 November 2015
* Feature - Main Invoice data block is now customizable just like custom blocks
* Feature - New option to force user login before downloading invoices
* Tweak - Leading zeros will be kept now if added to invoice number in settings
* Tweak - Decimals in prices will now have up to 2 extra digits if needed
* Tweak - Better language file loading: WP_LANG_DIR . "/woocommerce/" now supported
* Tweak - Invoices now also generated on 'payment received' event
* Tweak - Invoices aren't created as media files anymore
* Tweak - Improvements to amount in words functionality
* Tweak - Improved multi-currency plugin support
* Tweak - Improved seller logo loading for more servers compatibility
* Tweak - Improved Batch Download functionality
* Tweak - Other small fixes and improvements
* Fix - Proforma Invoice file name issue related to changed order number
* Fix - Issue with WooCommerce Subscriptions renewal orders
* Fix - Billing state displayed as 2 letters
* Fix - Invoice content display issues
* Fix - Cart discount tax bug
* Fix - Custom email attachments attached by other plugins are discarded
* Fix - Text display issues when exotic currencies are used
* Dev - New filter woo_pdf_styles to override font style
* Dev - New filter woo_pdf_date_format to override invoice date format

Version 2.1.6, 24 March 2015
* Fix - Duplicate discount issue (related to order discounts no longer supported)

Version 2.1.5, 17 February 2015
* Tweak - New option to trigger Customer Invoice emails for all new orders
* Tweak - Constants MAX_FIRST_PAGE_HEIGHT and MAX_PAGE_HEIGHT replaced by properties
* Tweak - Improved internal invoice numbering sequence algorithm to avoid duplicates
* Fix - Issue with tax in additional order fees
* Fix - WooCommerce 2.3 compatibility issues

Version 2.1.4, 24 September 2014
* Tweak - Added protection from directory listing for the invoice storage directory
* Fix - Problem with leading zeros in amount in words function
* Fix - Issue when system tries to load a product which has been deleted

Version 2.1.3, 6 August 2014
* Fix - Macro display issue when macro value contains dollar symbol

Version 2.1.2, 25 March 2014
* Tweak - Changed default settings for several fields
* Tweak - Improved plugin security
* Fix - Problem with {{month}} macro
* Dev - Added parameter $order to woo_pdf_macros filter hook

Version 2.1.1, 16 March 2014
* Tweak - Improved tax handling

Version 2.1, 15 March 2014
* Tweak - Added option to use order numbers for regular invoice numbering
* Tweak - Added optional invoice number suffix
* Tweak - Added year, month and day macros to invoice number prefix and suffix
* Tweak - Added option to reset internal invoice numbering sequence each year
* Tweak - Added new filters to allow developers to alter functionality
* Tweak - Possible to attach proforma invoice to New Order email sent to admin
* Tweak - Added more control when tax rows are displayed in the totals block
* Tweak - Added class to frontend invoice download link to allow styling
* Tweak - Option to display shipping fee in the totals block when shipping is free
* Tweak - Possible to display product category below product name
* Tweak - Possible to display product images below product name
* Tweak - Tax rows are now displayed below order total if subtotal includes tax
* Tweak - JS/CSS file version numbers now automatically follow plugin version number
* Tweak - Possible to use proforma invoicing without activating regular invoicing
* Tweak - Script now attempts to convert HTML to text when displaying short description
* Tweak - Options validation now prevents accidental next invoice number overwrite
* Tweak - Improved plugin settings page styling
* Tweak - Improved plugin performance
* Fix - "Argument is not an array" warning after installation
* Fix - WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility issues
* Fix - Notices in the admin page related to settings form validation
* Fix - Invoice delete functionality is not available when activated in settings

Version 2.0.3, 7 February 2014
* Tweak - Added optional row "Total Excluding Tax" to the totals block
* Tweak - Added version numbers to JS and CSS files
* Tweak - Improved admin settings page
* Fix -  Duplicate invoice numbers when generating invoices in batch

Version 2.0.2, 4 February 2014
* Tweak - Now possible to display short product description for each item on the invoice
* Tweak - Option for custom blocks to remove lines that contain empty macros only
* Tweak - Added invoice number macro {{woo_pdf_invoice_id}}
* Tweak - Plugin now uses site address instead of WordPress installation address
* Tweak - Improved support for servers with safe_mode/open_basedir restrictions
* Tweak - Cents are now displayed in words in when displaying amount in words
* Tweak - Order date macro now honors user defined date format
* Tweak - Macros that are not found are removed completely
* Tweak - Improved HTML entity decoding
* Fix - Invoice attached to "Customer Invoice" regardless of "Send by email" setting
* Fix - Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.0.1, 14 January 2014
* Tweak - New date format (dd-mm-yyy)
* Tweak - Proforma invoices will now use orders date instead of downloads date
* Tweak - Improved support for servers with safe_mode/open_basedir restrictions
* Fix - Issues with latest version of WooCommerce
* Fix - Warning when deleting regular invoices
* Fix - Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.0, 7 January 2014
* Feature - New more flexible way to display seller details
* Feature - New sidebar widget with useful action buttons on the admin order details page
* Feature - Option to manually generate invoices prior to marking orders as completed
* Feature - Option to manually delete invoices so they can be re-generated
* Feature - Introduced option to change layout of buyer details block
* Feature - Support for custom order field macros in buyer details and custom content blocks
* Tweak - Option to hide lines from buyer details that contain empty fields
* Tweak - Option to always display tax inline as required in some countries
* Tweak - Removed seller details fields in favor of new way to manage seller details
* Tweak - Removed buyer meta fields in favor of new way to manage buyer details
* Tweak - Country code is now converted to full country name on custom content blocks
* Tweak - Improved support for servers with safe_mode/open_basedir restrictions
* Tweak - Improved PDF layout to allow dynamic positioning of elements
* Tweak - Improved admin UI layout/style
* Tweak - Improved HTML entity decoding
* Tweak - Improved plugin load time
* Dev - Filter hook to allow custom macros

Version 1.3.8, 4 December 2013
* Tweak - Improved tax rate calculation when multiple rates of the same tax are used

Version 1.3.7, 3 December 2013
* Tweak - Support for buyer custom fields in post meta in addition to user meta
* Tweak - Support for German date format (
* Fix - Issues with older versions fo WooCommerce
* Fix - Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.3.6, 26 November 2013
* Tweak - Improved special HTML symbol handling
* Tweak - Improved compatibility with other plugins
* Fix - Plugin ignores disabled "Send by email" setting for proformas

Version 1.3.4, 22 November 2013
* Tweak - Support for different rates of the same tax (e.g. variable VAT rate)
* Tweak - Support for up to four buyer custom fields (retrieved from user meta)
* Tweak - More space for item meta

Version 1.3.3, 13 November 2013
* Tweak - Added file name prefix ("invoice_") to translation page
* Tweak - Optional download buttons in the orders table
* Tweak - Support for sequential order ID plugins
* Tweak - Added settings link on the Plugins page
* Tweak - Improved document access control
* Fix - Fonts not rendered properly
* Fix - Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.3.2, 6 November 2013
* Tweak - Added a fix for servers with allow_url_fopen option disabled
* Fix - Proformas were not attached to emails under certain conditions
* Fix - Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.3.1, 5 November 2013
* Fix - Issues with embeded PDF fonts not being rendered correctly on some devices
* Fix - HTML entities were displayed instead of regular characters

Version 1.3, 1 November 2013
* Tweak - Invoices are now attached to the "Customer Invoice" email
* Tweak - New macros are now supported in content blocks (customer shipping address)
* Tweak - Improved style of admin pages
* Tweak - Updated translation file
* Fix - Javascript bug that prevented images to be inserted into posts
* Fix - Footer text extends to the next page

Version 1.2, 30 October 2013
* Tweak - Option to show product ID/SKU next to product name
* Tweak - Added optional currency symbols next to all amounts displayed on the invoice
* Tweak - Added support for multiple custom content blocks
* Tweak - Added support for macros in footer and custom content blocks
* Tweak - Tax rates are now always displayed when tax rows are displayed
* Tweak - Removed option to hide tax rates
* Tweak - Removed fixed notes block

Version 1.1, 28 October 2013
* Tweak - Added option to display row items inclusive of tax
* Tweak - Added option to display tax percentage next to tax name in tax rows
* Tweak - Added option to hide tax rows above Total row

Version 1.0, 23 October 2013
* Initial release

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