Download Woocommerce Products Designer - Online Product Customizer for Shirts, Cards, Lettering & Decals

Download Woocommerce Products Designer – Online Product Customizer for Shirts, Cards, Lettering & Decals

A powerful woocommerce web to print plugin which helps your customers design or customize logos, shirts, business cards and any prints, custom signs, custom lettering, boat lettering, vinyl decals and many others in your woocommerce shop before the order.

Server requirements

-memory_limit: 128M
-max_file_uploads: 100
-max_input_vars: 5000
-post_max_size: 128M
-upload_max_filesize: 128M
-PHP Imagemagick extension
-PHP Zip Extension

You can use this extension as a:

  • Woocommerce t-shirt designer
  • Mug custom editor for WordPress
  • Woocommerce Phone case customizer
  • WordPress Stickers, canvas or decals designer
  • Online business cards, postcards and other print products customizer for WordPress
  • custom lettering tool for woocommerce
  • …and much more.


Easily manage the fonts which can be used by adding or removing any web font you like.


Unleash your clients creativity by giving them access to stunning cliparts and graphics organized in libraries. Each clipart can also be priced in order to increase the final design price if needed.


The Woocommerce Product Designer gives you the entire control on your customers uploads by defining the minimum allowed dimensions and files extensions.


The Woocommerce Product Designer includes some photo editing effects such as grayscale, sepia 1 & 2, invert, blur, sharpen and emboss.


Creating the perfect design from scratch can be exhausting. The Woocommerce Product Designer helps you create unique designs your clients can browse and start theirs from.


Vector graphics have become a standard in the web to print industry. The Woocommerce Product Designer includes a SVG file editor which allows your clients to use and modify their vectors right in the edition area.


You don’t want your users to use any color they want in their design? The Woocommerce Product Designer allows you to define a custom color palette that can be used for any text, shape or vector.


Social networks are today part of everything. The Woocommerce Product Designer knows it and let your clients extract and use pictures from their facebook and instagram accounts.


The Woocommerce Product Designer takes the product pricing to a whole new level by allowing you to define your own pricing rules based on the elements (pictures, text, shapes…) used by your clients in their designs.


Do you have customers who don’t necessarily need to go through the design phase? The Woocommerce Product Designer got you covered by allowing them to send you files as attachments to their orders.


Most printers are more comfortable with PDF files. The Woocommerce Product Designer generates up to 140 PDF formats, landscape or portrait.


The Woocommerce Product Designer allows you to configure your output file dimensions and is not only able to generate up to 15000px wide files for flat files but also SVG files.


The Woocommerce Product Designer let your clients either access their previous ordered designs and start new ones from them or save their design for later.


We keep improving our plugin based on our customer feedback and new features request. Never worry about anything. Receive the Woocommerce Product Designer updates notification right in your wordpress dashboard for free and for life everytime a new release is available.

Version 5.4.4 – June 11th, 2018

- Fixed issue related to success uploaded translatable strings

Version 5.4.3 – May 24th, 2018

- Fixed versionning issues

Version 5.4.2 – May 23th, 2018

- Added control to check if the fields variable is not undefined before to use

Version 5.4.1 – May 22th, 2018

- Fixed issue related to form builder fields loading 

Version 5.4 – May 16th, 2018

-Removed max_input_vars from requirements
- Fixed templates pagination issue
- Fixed issues related to any variation attribute
- Fixed multi lines issue after saving design
- Fixed issues related to buttons background-color and background-color hover in the settings
- Fixed issues related to displaying yes or no for custom product in product list area

Version 5.3.3 – January 2nd, 2018

-Renamed woocommerce_version_check to avoid conflict with flatsome
-Fixed issue where the output jpeg was half the size defined in the output settings
-Fixed issue where the order zip was the same for different products in the order details page
-Fixed Facebook and Instagram redirection URIs
-fixed issue with adding multiple designs to cart
-Fixed bug with shapes outine
- Added subscription system

Version 5.3.2 – November 14th, 2017

-Added ability to name the design folder and archive using the order ID
-Fixed issue where zip file has no name while generating the output files
-Fixed issue where checkboxes Design from blank and Upload my own design cannot be unchecked from the configuration admin page.

Version 5.3 – October 20th, 2017

-Fixed license deactivation issue
-Added toolbar control settings
-Fixed woocommerce cart url error
-Added numeric type conversion to images dimensions. 

Version 5.2 – October 09th, 2017

-Added controls to check if imagick classes are installed on the server
-Fixed issue where the "upload my own design" popup were empty for variable products

Version 5.1 – October 04th, 2017

-Added licence verification system

Version 5.0.4 – September 18th, 2017

-Added ability to select origin for text elements
-Added getting started page that contains tutorials for new users

Version 5.0.3 – September 11th, 2017

-Added ability to define parts icons independently of the parts background images
-Set canvas dimensions to 800 x 500 by default
-Fixed issue when related quantities were not displayed in the add to cart section
-Patched file upload vulnerability in output file generation process
-Fixed watermark issue when the output format is jpg instead of png

Version 4.11 – July 4th, 2017

-Added ability to disable keyboard shortcuts
-Added ability to disable the design buttons everywhere but on the product page.
-Added Pixels to output PDF units
-Fixed issue where the add to cart buttons for custom products are visible on the shop page even if disabled in the plugin settings

Version 4.10 – May 24th, 2017

-Added ability to use a TTF file as custom font without any external plugin.
-Fixed custom products display shortcode compatibility issues with woocommerce 3.x
-Upgraded select2 script
-Removed ability to simply update the database version after each update but kept ability to upgrade from previous versions.

Version 4.8 – March 25th, 2017

-Added ability to remove the minimum purchases message for the related products if the minimum is 0
-Fixed font inclusion in the output PDF issue when the SVG mode is enabled.
-Fixed issue where the design from blank and other buttons still show up for a product that is out of stock
-Fixed instagram style bug by adding attributes bg-color and fied-name
-Fixed issue when 0 margins defined on products were not used in the output.
-Fixed issue where the first design saved was not able to be loaded from the saved design
-Fixed issue where custom uploads were not attached to the new order email.
-Fixed related products issue where the taxonomies are used for variations attributes

Version 4.6 – January 9th, 2017

-Added used template name information to the order details page when the customer used a template.
-Added new setting on the product bounding box section to include or not the box in the output.
-Fixed issue where the plugin automatically opens the upload tab when a clipart is selected.
-Fixed conflict with avada builder about the select2 script.
-Fixed error message "An error occured during the upload. Please try again later." when uploading a file for the first time.
-Fixed canvas objects center issue when the bouding box has the parameters x and/or y defined.
-Fixed issue where the editor was loading more parts than the ones enabled for a product.
-Fixed horizontal and vertical center issues
-Improved bounding box responsivity
-Improved nonce verification in the images uploads functions

Version 4.5 – December 19th, 2016

-Added ability to assign a price to a template
-Added a customize button that sends directly to the designer without going through the templates selection process if there is only one template assigned to a product or variation.
-Added ability to define a custom size for the output PDF.
-Added nb_per_page parameter to templates shortcode.
-Enabled heart shape
-Updated Fabric JS library to it's latest version (1.6.7)
-Fixed issue: When generating output in CMYK mode, transparent areas were replaced by black background instead of white.
-Fixed issue: some images are missing from the SVG file when some effects are applied.
-Fixed issue: Overlay is removed when we use the clear all button
-Fixed wrong resolution calculations for adobe files.
-Fixed bug where the custom design upload file success message does not show up for variable products.
-Replaced all empty PO files by one POT file

Version 4.3 – August 19th, 2016

-Fixed issue with ninja forms which prevents the form submission
-Fixed issue with browse our templates buttons which still shows up when there is no template attached to the product.

Version 4.4 – October 16th, 2016

-Fixed issue in get_cart_item_price where the product is not variable
-Removed transient usage from the custom products list
-Fixed watermark not showing in the output issue

Version 4.1 – July 28th, 2016

-Fixed buffering issue with visual composer
-Fixed Run updater not disappearing issue
-Optimized bounding box parameters detection
-Fixed tools tab icons issue

Version 4.0 – July 19th, 2016

-Added skins features
-Added color scheme features
-Removed some user interface settings to make it more user friendly. You may need to set your UI colors once again.
-Added ability to hide add to cart button for custom products
-Added ability to assign the same templates to multiple products/variations
-Added ability to define a single templates page that can be used for all products and all templates
-Added ability to reload a design on the user account page
-Added control to prevent cmyk outputs if Imagemagick is not installed
-Upgraded cliparts display
-Fixed issue: customers are still able to download if the order failed
-Fixed permalinks issue when there is not a trailing / to the postname
-Added multiple hooks for javascript and PHP for addons development
-Added hidden option to disable the requirements error message
-Fixed products sold individually issue on editor (quantities are hidden for products sold individually)
-Fixed issue: bounding boxes parameters are removed on save
-Fixed price formatting issue
-Fixed bug: output settings defined by product are not properly read.
-Fixed bug: bounding box is not responsive

Version 3.11 – February 23rd, 2016

-Added: ability to define default, minimum and maximum font size  
-Added: ability to define default text and cliparts colors
-Added: lazyload effect on cliparts (cliparts settings)
-Added: ability to set the pricing rules based on the additionnel items on the editor
-Fixed issue: background image included and not included are switched on the canvas
-Fixed issue: curved text color does not stay when we run any other action after adding it to the canvas.
-Fixed issue: price are doubled on cart page when WPML is active

Version 3.10 – January 28th, 2016

-Fixed issue: The overlay image is always included in the output no matter if it's included or not in the parts
-Fixed issue: Colors customizations for add to cart button and other elements in the same box does not work.
-Fixed issue: Can't select all products on the bulk definition page to apply the bulk discounts
-Fixed issue: Quantities box are not displayed when there are no related product or quantity enabled.
-Fixed issue: Can't uncheck the background image not included checkbox
-Fixed issue: Editor does not load when the related products have been set once for the product which has been changed from variable to simple
-Fixed issue: WPML templates creation issue after selecting the base product
-Fixed issue: Pricing rules tabs does not show up for variable products
-Fixed issue: Fonts selector does not apply the fonts changes unless we click on the editor after the switch
-Fixed issue: Bulk definition feature raises an error when used.
-Fixed issue: Can't disable related products once they're disabled.

Version 3.9 – January 15th, 2016

-Added ninja form fields to woocommerce emails
-Added ability to display the proper price when Woocommerce Advanced Discounts ( is enabled
-Added ORION library to WPD
-Added new pricing rule scope Per additionnal item
-Optimized product settings management: variations settings are now part of the variations tabs loaded by woocommerce.
-Optimized global settings: UI customizations now include the Design from blank, Upload my own Designs and Browse our Templates buttons
-Optimized global settings: All UI settings are moved to there own tab in to keep them together.
-Fixed CMYK missing icc profiles issues
-Fixed rounded rectangle issue where canvas is unusable when the rounded rectangle is enabled

Version 3.8.1 – November 27th, 2015

-Added option to enable the responsive behavior (disabled by default)
-Improved google fonts selection process to include a dropdown of all existing google fonts to choose from
-Updated translation files
-Fixed issue with "Upload my own design" for variable products

Version 3.8 – November 23th, 2015

-Fixed PDF download issue when only PDF is enabled in the output settings
-Improved output generation to generate borderless PDF files
-Fixed Yoast compatibility issue with the template creation interface

Version 3.7.6 – November 16th, 2015

-Added cross origin image loading
-Improved SVG export by embbeding every image used in the file
-Improved templates design by increasing the design area
-Fixed issue with formats when generating a PDF
-Removed responsivity feature (too buggy)

Version 3.7.5 – October 06th, 2015

-Fixed bug with related products and quantities
-Fixed compatibility issue with visual composer when VC is enabled for products
-Fixed ninja form calculation issue
-Fixed template link issue when multiple "Browse our templates" buttons are displayed on the same page.

Version 3.7.4 – August 30th, 2015

-Fixed compatibility issue with woocommerce 2.4.6

Version 3.7.3 – August 26th, 2015

-Fixed simple products creation issue
-Fixed error message on templates creation page

Version 3.7.2 – August 24th, 2015

-Improved products tabs loading to only fetch data when needed for performance

Version 3.7.1 – August 19th, 2015

-Minor bug fixes

Version 3.7 – August 17th, 2015

-Added ability to output a svg file
-Added ability to change the edited variation in the edition page
-Added ability to purchase multiple variations at once for the same design
-Added ability to upload TTF fonts
-Fixed bug: Templates are always saved in the draft status
-Fixed bug: Facebook & Instagram images extractions need to run twice before extracting the pictures

Version 3.6 – June 27th, 1015

-Added ability to define the parameters for multiple products at once
-Added ability to duplicate a template
-Added ability to change a template base product
-Fixed bug: Templates stay in draft status after creation/update
-Fixed bug: Edit button does not work on cart page for custom products when the shop permalink structure is set to default.

Version 3.5 – June 06th, 2015

-Added ability to define different templates pages per variation
-Added bounding box feature
-Updated upload my own design to show up in a popup
-Added minimum server requirements verification feature
-Fixed bug in the output generation with cmyk, pdf and layers active
-Fixed bug: Preview button color can't be changed
-Fixed bug: Vertical and horizontal alignment issues
-Fixed bug: Issue with text font-size when a text is selected

Version 3.4 – May 20th, 2015

-Added: Ability to customize the editor colors and icons
-Added: Quantity minimum, maximum & steps integration (based on woocommerce parameters)
-Added: Price formatting integration (based on woocommerce parameters)
-Fixed bug: Flush issue with permalinks (404 error on the customization page)
-Fixed bug: Upload my own design issue on shop page
-Fixed bug: Toolbar buttons are not working on mobile devices
-Fixed bug: Watermark issue when downloading a part image

Version 3.3 – May 04th, 2015

-Added: Watermark feature for preview and PDF downloads
-Fixed bug: When an item is selected on the design area, the related tab is not openned by default.
-Fixed bug: When the modal script is disabled in the settings, it's still loaded.
-Fixed bug: When a text element is selected, updated from the textarea used to add it, the updates does not apply to the selected text component
-Improved feature: On selection, the editor automatically recognize the selected element and open the related tab accordingly.
-Improved feature: Social media extraction will now avoid hibrydAuth conflicts
-Improved loading: Minified all JS and CSS files

Version 3.2 – April 26th, 2015

-Fixed bug: Templates creation issue when a ninja form is linked to the base product
-Fixed bug: The controls/tabs disabled in the plugin settings are still visible from in the front
-Fixed bug: The Browse our templates buttons on the product page is still visible even if disabled
-Fixed bug: Can't add extracted social networks pictures to the canvas

Version 3.1 – April 21th, 2015

-Fixed bug: Preview, Download, Save, Add to cart still show up even when hidden in the plugin settings
-Fixed bug: automatic updater can't run the update

Version 3.0 – April 20th, 2015

-New interface which includes responsive features
-Added Overlay image not included in the output feature
-Added new text decoration features: overline and strike-through
-Added text alignment features (left, center, right)
-Added mobile version of colorpicker
-Added automatic updates detection from codecanyon
-Added ability to configure different outputs per product
-Added ability to upload multiple custom designs on product details page
-Added ability to configure the PDF format (A1, A2, A3, A4, ....up to 140 standard formats) 
-Added ability to configure the PDF orientation (Portrait or Landscape)
-Added ability to configure the PDF margins (top/bottom and left/right)
-Improved plugin data storage in database (w've added an updater to help migrate the old data to new structure)    
-Improved resources (js and css) loading per page
-Fixed overlay images bug when overlay/background images were not defined before creating the template but after
-Upgraded url structures to use permalinks style (like /customization-page/design/638
-Removed bounding box feature (can be easily replaced by the overlay image feature)

Version 2.3 – February 17th, 2015

-Checked compatibility for woocommerce 2.3
-Added ability for the font list in the customizer to actually show what the fonts look like, instead of just the name of the font?
-Added progress bar for upload my own design
-Added new strings to translation files
-Added a setting to fix bootstrap modal popups conflicts
-Added colorpicker for the colors inputs in the settings
-Added ability to create additionnal fields under the editor using ninja forms
-Added controls for the zip extension loaded and if not, write an error message.
-Fixed grid mode incompatibility with canvas background
-Fixed compatibility issue with Visual Composer
-Fixed unchecked checkboxes issues in the defaults settings once the plugin is active
-Removed HD picture display in the preview mode

Version 2.2 – December 04th, 2014

-Added zoom feature
-Added CMYK conversion option (requires imagemagick)
-Added library tcpdf check before load to avoid conflicts
-Added inline text edition feature
-Fixed user saved design bug
-Fixed line break issue on template edition page
-Fixed designs position in the cart bug
-Fixed new element issue with positionned bounding box

Version 2.1.3 – October 31st, 2014

-Fixed social medias issue

Version 2.1.1 – October 13th, 2014

-Fixed download issues
-Removed cart debug display 

Version 2.1 – October 13th, 2014

-Added new strings to translation files
-Added preview for custom adobe files uploads (require imagick)
-Added support for adobe files on the editor (require imagick)
-Added automatic error detection and debug display for editor ajax requests (add to cart, save for later and download processes)
-Added new translation files
-Improved image upload: image automatically added to canvas after upload
-Improved HD images generation and transfer from the editor to the server
-Fixed custom design update while adding to cart
-Fixed small images fit in the editor issue

Version 2.0 – September 29th, 2014

-Added ability to customize the tool colors and icons
-Added support for layered PDF outputs
-Improved parts and fonts forms

Version 1.7 – September 23rd, 2014

-Added compatibility for woocommerce 2.2
-Fixed download links issues on design page
-Improved fonts loading

Version 1.6 – September 10th, 2014

-Minor bugs fixes

Version 1.5 – September 04th, 2014

- Added ability to define the canvas dimensions

- Added browse template and upload designs on shop page

- Added ability to configure the download buttons

- Added ability to send the ordered designs by mail after the checkout

- Improved SVG rescaling algorithm

- Improved performance in huge files generation

- Improved ajax requests by using the native wp ajax system

- Fixed price issue when adding clipart to existing group

- Fixed popup display issue on user designs tab

Version 1.4 – August 26th, 2014

- Added Curved text element

- Added controls for empty edition areas before printing or downloading

- Added dynamic scaling for high resolution image in canvas background and overlay

- Added setting to configure the output loop delay in the output generation process

- Added new post label on template creation page

- Added ability to go to the cart after adding a customized product to the cart

- Added cliparts strings to translation

- Added templates strings to translation

- Added link to base product on templates list in admin areale lien vers le base product dans la liste des templates

Version 1.2.1 – August 14th, 2014

-Fixed multi picture in PDF output bug

-Added ability to lock item deletion in template

Version 1.1 – August 6th, 2014

Added ability to configure the number of designs in the output PDF file

Version 1.0 – August 4th, 2014

-Added ability to assign a price to a clipart
-Added ability to use pricing rules to every customizable product
-Added ability to lock the layers in the templates
-Added ability to send the customized data to the client by mail
-Added ability to choose what's generated in the output
-Fixed custom order display on user account page
-Fixed modal popup compatibility issues
-Fixed quantity style on the product customization page
-Fixed custom attributes display in the cart
-Documentation updated

Version 0.4.1 – July 9th, 2014

-Fixed nav menu issue

-Fixed loading issue on migration

-Fixed cart attributes warning for simple products

-Fixed block UI not synced with the end of the generation process

-Fixed PDF Generation issue on SVG

-Added products parts control (admin notice)

-Fixed square rectangle issue

-Fixed redirection issue after adding a font

Version 0.4 – July 8th, 2014

-Added PDF output format

-Added rectangle border radius for clip bouding box

-Added a centralized menu for all the plugin submenus and settings

-Added automatic tab opening upon object selection

-Added overlay picture feature

-Added background picture included feature

-Added shortcodes to display products and templates

-Added ability to disable customizations buttons

-Added error messages for products without parts

-Added ability to create parts without background images

-Added SVG colorization option by path,by colors or disabled

-Added ability to hide buttons (preview, download or save) on the customization page

-Added ability to define usable colors palette

-Removed shortcode usage for customization page

-Removed shapes tab

-Fixed Upload progress bar display

-Fixed multiline text issues

-Fixed redirection bug on parts update

-Fixed custom variable products attributes display on cart and order details page

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last update 2018-06-28T21:01:23+10:00

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