Download WooCommerce Request a Quote

Download WooCommerce Request a Quote

The WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin for WordPress allows your visitors/customers to add products to a wishlist and submit an easy “request for a quote” from the Site Owner. This gives an opportunity for the Site Owner to give special rates based on the quantity/amount of the order. At the same time, allows the customer to bargain for better prices. It leads to better understanding and sales.

This plugin is ideal for rental stores, providing custom services, or anything that would benefit from the customer being able to receive a custom quote. Customers add the products they are interested in to their wishlist and when ready click a button and their list is sent to you along with their name, email, and an optional short message. And interesting now new feature is added to create the order in Woocommerce and it is purely optional feature.

Video Help

  • Default Form – Order Creation Video
  • GForm – Order Creation Video
  • Contact Form 7 – Order Creation Video
  • Formidable PRO – Order Creation Video
  • Features of the plugin

    • Automatic Order Creation
    • Widget with dynamic refresh
    • Easy to show/hide Add to Quote or Add to Cart buttons at category/individual product level.
    • Integrates Easily with Gravity Forms,Contact Form 7 and Formidable PRO.
    • Easy to replace the Add to Cart button with Add to Quote
    • Easy to add button to shop or product list page and product details page.
    • Easy to customize the look and feel of the button.
    • Easy to hide Price on the Shop and Product Pages.
    • Easy to configure send email to multiple administartors(order info to admin only) and customer.
    • High Flexibility in customizing email template.
    • Easy to hide/show Price column.
    • High flexibility in add/remove fields in the request form.
    • Easy to display total count of the products in the added list.
    • Easy to display text or redirect to thank you page to look at conversions.
    • Customize URL for the Quote List Page.

    Please raise ticket @, if you have issues with the plugin or need any improvements.

    Change Log

    **Request For a Quote Changelog
    2018.05.22 - version 2.57
    * Default Quote form made responsive
    2018.05.18 - version 2.56
    * bug fixes - small bug fixes
    * Added new filters - dvin_addtoquote_removequote_text,dvin_addtoquote_removequote_exists_text
    2018.03.10 - version 2.55
    * bug fixes - Notice on deprecated methods
    2017.05.22 - version 2.54
    * bug fixes
    2017.04.27 - version 2.53
    * bug fixes
    2017.04.27 - version 2.52
    * Fixed issue raised on previous version (WP_POST::get_id())
    2017.04.21 - version 2.51
    * Compatible with Woocommerce 3.0
    * Fixed - layout issue
    2017.03.17 - version 2.50
    * Fixed - Admin URL for Multi Language
    2017.01.26 - version 2.49
    * Fixed - layout issue
    2016.10.25 - version 2.48
    * Fixed - Responsive design for the Quotelist Table
    * Fixed - Responsive design for the button text
    2016.10.25 - version 2.47
    * small bugs fixed
    2016.10.04 - version 2.46
    * Grand total issue fixed
    * Corrected the responsive version of the table
    * Fixed bug in Variable product information in order
    2016.09.13 - version 2.45
    * small bug fixes
    2016.09.01 - version 2.44
    * compatible with WC 2.6.4 (Show the Add to Quote button disabled by default for Variable Products)
    2016.09.01 - version 2.43
    * small bug fixes
    2016.08.20 - version 2.42
    * language fix
    2016.08.20 - version 2.41
    * small bug fixes
    2016.08.03 - version 2.40
    * small bug fixes
    2016.08.03 - version 2.39
    * Translation bug fixes
    2016.06.29 - version 2.38
    * few bug fixes
    2016.06.29 - version 2.37
    * few bug fixes
    2016.06.29 - version 2.36
    * Translation issue fixed for the string "Request a Quote" 
    2016.06.28 - version 2.35
    * Revamped the code to make it compatible with Addons
    2016.05.21 - version 2.34
    * Fixed the count issue
    2016.05.18 - version 2.33
    * cleaned up code
    * added random number to Quote List URL to counter browser cache
    2016.04.27 - version 2.32
    * Fixed bug in trnslation string
    * Fixed bug of updated list when SKU column is displayed
    * Fixed warnings when using in conjunction with other plugins
    2016.04.24 - version 2.31
    * Fixed bug in contactform7
    2016.04.24 - version 2.30
    * Fixed bug in contactform7
    2016.04.13 - version 2.29
    * Added filters to dynamically assign the forms
    * Fixed the issue of displaying prices inclusion of taxes irrespective of setting in Woocommerce
    * Added support to External/Affiliate product
    2016.04.11 - version 2.28
    * Removed debug info
    2016.03.24 - version 2.27
    * Handled apostrophe truncate issue
    * truncate of the name in the email is fixed
    * List empty message fixed when used third party plugin
    * Cleanup of the code
    2015.11.15 - version 2.26
    * Gravity Forms escaping html fixed
    2015.11.15 - version 2.25
    * Removed debug info
    2015.11.15 - version 2.24
    * Fixed the issue of including html tags for the button
    * Fixed the mappinh fields issue
    2015.11.03 - version 2.23
    * Added filter(dvin_wcql_quotelist_url) for quote URL
    * Added filter(dvin_wcql_always_display_form) for enable/disable in case of no products
    2015.11.03 - version 2.22
    * Small bugs fixed
    2015.10.29 - version 2.21
    * Fixed button shorcode issue
    * Prepopulate name and email  in the form if logged in
    2015.10.21 - version 2.20 
    * small bug fixes
    * added filters for list empty page
    2015.09.29 - version 2.19
    * Removed the note added in last version
    * Fixed small bugs
    2015.09.28 - version 2.18
    * Added note to apply Map setting Again not to break order creation
    2015.09.28 - version 2.17
    * Fixed bugs related to creating/deleting page while activating/deactivating the plugin
    * Fixed notices
    * Default settings are assigned right values
    * Button shortcode bug fixed
    2015.08.22 - version 2.16
    * Fixed bugs introduced in last version
    2015.08.15 - version 2.15
    *Fixed minor bugs
    *Support to WooComerce Product Add-ons Extension
    *Added one filter to get more control on whether to display button or not
    2015.07.25 - version 2.14
    *Fixed - PHP warnings
    *Added option to override mini-cart
    *Updatelist hidden if quantity is hidden
    2015.07.11 - version 2.13
    *Fixed - If set for hide prices for not loggedin user, even if you add,it should not show on Request a Quote page
    *Added option to show SKU in Request For a Quote Page
    2015.06.20 - version 2.12
    *Fixed Warnings generated because of loading list from sesssion
    *Removed dvin-wcql-ajax.php as we have implemented the ajax functionality in other file
    *Fixed variable product title not showing on the email
    2015.05.31 - version 2.11
    *Applied appropriate class for Quantity column in the Quote List/Table
    *Fixed Price column visible even after it is disabled to view in the email
    2015.05.06 - version 2.10
    *Performance Tuning
    *removed unecessary JS alerts
    *Using woocommerce sessions method instead of PHP sessions solves where PHP sessions are not configured properly on hosts
    *Fixed undefined index issue 
    2015.05.06 - version 2.9
    *Add to Quote button not visible in product details page when product is not purchasable
    *Spell error "QuoteList" instead of "Quote List" 
    *Added attributes to shortcode "quotelist"(other than GF) or "quotelisttable"(GF) to include SKU or Price
    *Email Validation issue fixed
    2015.04.28 - version 2.8
    *Fixed popup issue in variation product page
    2015.04.21 - version 2.7
    *Fixed issue of not adding to list
    2015.04.16 - version 2.6
    *Fixed issue of the tabs or save button not visible in the admin settings
    *Fixed few notices
    *Fixed showing as link instead of button in shop page
    2015.04.14 - version 2.5
    *Fixed Notice issues with respect to mapping fields
    *Fixed form send issue
    2015.04.09 - version 2.4
    *Contact Form 7 Notice issue Fixed
    *Not sending form in case of no widget fixed
    *T_Class error Fixed
    2015.04.07 - version 2.3
    *Fixed few issues
    2015.04.01 - version 2.2
    *Fixed few issues
    2015.03.30 - version 2.1
    *Fixed few issues
    2015.03.27 - version 2.0
    *Revamped code to improve performance
    *Order would be created and updated with 'On-Hold' status
    2015.03.07 - version 1.35
    *Renamed the DIV id content - Fixed layout issues
    *Added Order creation feature (need Woocommerce v2.2+)
    *Contact form Integration Mail(2) issue fixed
    2015.01.08 - version 1.34
    *Fixed variable products broken issue
    *Documentation updated for Contact Form 7
    2015.01.07 - version 1.33
    *Fixed undefined notices
    2015.01.05  - version 1.32
    * Fixed Illegal exception issue
    2015.01.02 - version 1.31
    * Added support to Contact Form 7
    * Fixed small bugs
    * Added documentation, FAQs Raise Support Ticket, Changes links to the admin screen

    created by DVin
    last update 2018-05-27T13:56:17+10:00

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