Download WP Online Contract

Download WP Online Contract


I have been receiving a lot of requests lately but have been out of the country on business with limited internet. The plugin is still being supported but since I am the sole developer, being out of the country without an internet connection is hindering support. I have a large backlog of tickets that I will get to, but cannot until I return. If this is an issue, please ask for a refund and I will honor it.

In the meantime, I am working on a new version that supports PHP 7 and am about 90% complete. I hope to finish it soon and it will resolve and address most of the issues presented here and the support system. I do not have an ETA on my return but I hope it will be soon.

Please try to keep in mind that I am a single developer for this extremely popular plugin so my time to do support is limited to only a few hours a week (before I was sent out of the country). I appreciate all of the purchases and will try to get caught up ASAP, but I have to take care of business first. Again, if this is an issue, please ask for a refund and I will approve it when I get access to a computer.



WordPress Online Contract is the original plugin that allows you to create, manage, and save contracts online through WordPress. You can customize contracts using flat text files and short codes and view revisions of your existing contracts. Give your clients a way to view and sign your contracts online in one place.

Completely responsive for any device. Send your clients your contract online and give them the opportunity to view, sign, save, and print from any location and any device. Get started faster and more efficiently with WordPress Online Contract.

This one-of-a-kind plugin was created with your client in mind. Use our system to maintain and manage your contracts and give your clients ease of mind in a professional way. We have used a flat file type system for years and integrated our system into a fully loaded plugin that is completely manageable from WordPress at the click of a button.


  • Swedish
  • Vietnamese
  • French
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Thai


  • CREATE YOUR OWN TEMPLATES Use WordPress’s built in editor or upload a HTML .txt file to create your own template.
  • AUTOMATIC EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS Send email notifications to your clients automatically with the check of a box.
  • CREATE REUSABLE CONTRACTS Have unlimited users sign it and automatically create a new contract with their signature; no longer just one-to-one, now one-to-many
  • SIGNED / UNSIGNED STATUSES get visible indication of your contract’s status from the dashboard, contract list, and individual contract edit screens.
    Add your own shortcodes or click one button and use our defaults.
    Reorder new or previously created shortcodes
    Quickly load and use the default shortcodes as seen in our demo
  • PRINT AND PDF CONVERSIONS Once signed, your client and print their contract, create a online PDF to save or download, and even pay the initial balance.
  • PASSWORD PROTECTED Contracts can be password protected easily using WordPress’s built-in feature
  • SIGNATURE AUTHENTICATION IP address and client timestamp are saved and displayed when a client signs online so you can track where and where it was signed
  • FULLY RESPONSIVE Allows for any device to be used in creating, editing, or signing a contract online
  • UNLIMITED POTENTIAL Create unlimited templates, unlimited contracts, unlimited custom shortcodes
  • REOPEN CONTRACTS Remove a signature to reopen a contract for changes
  • CLIENT INITIATED CONTRACTS Add a simple shortcode to any page on your site to add a form and get a notification when a client creates their own contract
  • GET PAID QUICKLY Have multiple payment methods including Stripe,, Dwolla, and Skrill as an addon. PayPal comes free with our plugin!
  • REDIRECT AFTER SIGNING Create redirects to send the client to a new page when they sign their contract
  • SEND LINK TO PDF AFTER SIGNING Once a contract is signed by your client, they will receive a email with a direct link to the printable PDF
  • JUST WANT A PRINTABLE CONTRACT? Remove signature window to give your clients a downloadable offline version
  • CONTRACT CATEGORIES Organize your contracts into categories just like WordPress posts
  • CONTRACT EMBED Embed functional contracts on any page you want using a shortcode

Have an idea that we can implement? Share it with us in the comments or message us on Code Canyon and your idea may get put into our next revision.

Change Log

Version 4.2

  • Fixed bug with PDF generation for contracts with an offline signature
  • Added business name for all FROM emails for notifications
  • Fixed custom date format on PDF signatures
  • Fixed integration with Nextgen Gallery
  • Fixed blank print issue using browser print instead of PDF

Version 4.1

  • Added the ability to setup local date and have it recursively change through the entire plugin
  • Added the ability to change the default text displayed above the signature window on the contracts, can be found in Settings
  • Fixed the bug that showed an error through frontend.php if no shortcodes were added
  • Ordered [getusersemail] by First Name instead of email

Version 4.0

  • Auto email PDF link to client when they sign a contract
  • Order shortcodes, (no more having to delete or recreate shortcodes to put them in order)
  • Create default set of shortcodes to get you started
  • Contracts can now be categorized
  • Embed single contracts on front facing pages of your website as you see fit with a shortcode
  • Create reusable contracts; have unlimited users sign it and automatically create a new contract with their signature; no longer just one-to-one, now one-to-many

Version 3.6

  • Removed ability to have users publish contract from front end, this was causing issues with non logged in users not being able to publish. It is now set back to pending.

Version 3.5

  • Fixed bug preventing settings from loading or giving a 500 error
  • Fixed issue where some instances of signature window does not appear due to outside of plugin interference
  • Added ability to remove PayPal if not wanted
  • Removed restriction and now when a client initiates a contract, it will no longer need approval/li>
  • If contract is signed, all options are disabled until contract is reopened

Version 3.4

  • Fixed bug that was causing the PDF to not load correctly
  • Fixed bug that was causing slashes to be added to the PDF

Version 3.3

  • Fixed bug that was preventing users from clearing signatures
  • Add function that auto scrolls to payment and print options when a contract is signed
  • Added Spanish (Spain) language

Version 3.2

  • Fixed major issue with multi site usage
  • Added French language

Version 3.1

  • Multilingual
    • English
    • Swedish
    • Vietnamese
    • Spanish (coming soon)

Version 3.0

  • Redesigned documentation
  • Complete redevelopment of source code to better line with WP standards
  • Custom shortcode integration
  • Ability to add new CSS to contract and print
  • Page redirect upon signature
  • Ability to remove signature box
  • Custom shortcode functions by user
  • Better interface for user initiated contracts and list of contracts per user
  • Updated dashboard and added contract list ability internally for users other than admin

Version 2.xx

  • Show rep that signed on the main contract page
  • Added functionality to add custom text to payment buttons
  • List all contracts based on user’s email address
  • Added ability to style password form as well as the contract
  • Added ability to add a email template subject
  • Fixed content link to signature file
  • Fixed issue with PDF saving and Adobe popup error notifiing user an invalid font is being used
  • Added ability to create or modify stylesheet to creator preferences
  • Fixed issue with encoding ampersands when modifying or creating a new contract template
  • Added textbox when creating a password protected contract to send password via email when client is notified
  • Added client mailing address shortcode
  • Added addon integration for payment
  • Fixed naming scheme to prevent conflict with other plugins
  • Fixed issues with payment rounding
  • Added ability to add fee to Paypal
  • Fixed style issue with save and cancel buttons not having a bottom margin
  • Added addon integration for Skrill (formerly known as MoneyBookers) payment
  • Modified dashboard and list “Sign / Unsigned” to make them stand out more
  • Added shortcode for client email, now client email address can be added to the contract templates
  • Created a new setting to allow user to create an email template for client notifications
  • Resolved an issue with some sites not saving signature due to being set up as a multi site
  • Fixed a potential issue with other plugins overwriting the contract permalink
  • Fixed another PDF display issue
  • Fixed error causing PDF to not display
  • Made WP Editor handle single and double quotes better
  • Forced WP Editor to not rewrite inline CSS
  • Added Stripe Payment Module capability using addon plugin

Version 1.xx

  • Fixed error that was causing sign module to disappear
  • Add ability to add payment plugin modules
  • Error was causing the PDF to not display. This has been fixed.
  • Allow WordPress to auto update plugin
  • Made display and sign more responsive
  • Added ability to automatically send to client’s email when contract is published
  • Added client initiated contact form shortcode to allow clients to create their own contract, agency must approve
  • Implemented a “Make Sure” catch to make sure that you do not delete or edit items that you do not want to
  • WordPress Editor integration
  • Fixed PDF issue
  • IP Address is now recorded when a client signs the contract
  • Dashboard widget integration
  • Signature icon with a pen
  • Payment outlet using Paypal
  • Made contract buttons more eye friendly
  • Sort by status (signed or unsigned)
  • Fixed navigation link that could cause the plugin to not show up in admin menu
  • Receive notifications when a contract is viewed, notifications stop after they sign the contract
  • Fixed a bug with the visual editor preventing the short code from being added
  • Added ability to make contracts password protected
  • Added the ability to print or create a PDF to a signed contract.
  • Updated to reflect a bug in the view source button. It now responds to main and sub domain usage.
  • Added required field valiation to prevent contracts from not displaying data as intended. All fields are now required.
  • WordPress Online Contract is offical. Enjoy

created by futuredesigngrp
last update 2017-03-12T05:55:01+11:00

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